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The Baird Review

TIME is running out, as all private colleges have until the end of this month to re-register, before facing a rigorous audit process as part of the Federal Government’s bid to crack down on rogue education providers.


Are you being ripped off at work?

STUDENTS, especially those living in Australia for the first time, can be vulnerable to exploitation if they are unaware of their right to minimum wage conditions, penalty rates and leave entitlements.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (Review)

ONE composer, one couturier, and a patronage that inevitably becomes an illicit affair between two creative geniuses. Directed by Jan Kounen, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is a must see visceral story of ardency, aggression and ambition – against a slick art deco background.

Another private college collapse

ANOTHER 700 students left in the lurch in the latest private college closure in Sydney. Meanwhile, the Federal Government dithers over the decision to allow students to claim compensation for more than just lost tuition fees.

A skill no longer in demand

RICKY is a mature-aged Chinese student who came to Melbourne to study cookery. But changes to the skilled migration visa introduced in February this year mean he is no longer eligible for permanent residency when he finishes his studies.

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