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Carlton Connected Communities

THERE’S growing support for a new banking initiative which would provide ongoing revenue for grassroots projects and initiatives in Carlton. Find out how your dollars and cents could make a difference to your community.


TEDxMelbourne highlights

DEVOTED to “ideas worth spreading”, TED started out in the United States as a one-off conference in 1984 bringing together people from the three worlds of technology, entertainment and design. Today, the TEDTalks have gained a strong global following, and spawned numerous independently organised TEDx events, like the recent TEDxMelbourne conference.

Beauty and the Beast

Three things to do in Melbourne this summer

WONDERING what to do with your time now that the exams are over? The summer months are a great time to explore Melbourne, and we’ve shortlisted three things you could do around town… including reliving some classic Disney magic.

Laksa King or Chef Lagenda?

IT TAKES a lot of bravado to set up shop next door to an old Malaysian favourite like Laksa King. All the more so when you time the opening of your restaurant just days ahead of the established competition’s hyped move to a bigger and swankier premise down the road. Meld Magazine puts Laksa King and Chef Lagenda to the taste test.

Melbourne, city

Melbourne, safer streets

CRIME rates have fallen in the Melbourne CBD. But not all students say they feel safer walking around the city, especially at night. Do you agree? Share your experiences with us.

Police raid Melbourne nightclubs

HIGH volumes of ecstasy and other amphetamines are being trafficked in Melbourne nightclubs, say police.

The Loved Ones, Robin McLeavy

The Loved Ones (Review)

AFTER numerous delays, The Loved Ones is finally being released in Australian cinemas this week – and it’s absolutely worth the wait. Refreshingly dynamic, director Sean Byrne draws audiences in with a genuinely exciting form of kitsch-horror.

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