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Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011

BESIDES its great coffee and its hipsters culture, Melbourne is also known as the culture hub that hosts many great independent artists and acts alike. Start exploring at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Meld Beauty Giveaway: Sukin Australian Natural Skincare

WE’RE really excited to be launching the first of Meld’s Australian beauty brand series, and this week, Emily Quak introduces you to an affordable and environmentally friendly brand called Sukin.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Battling for stardom: E-sports and Starcraft II

STUART Ellis delves into the world of Starcraft II, and the rise of e-sports.

International students to stage Mulan

THE Chinese Music Group at Melbourne University is giving Paochang Tsai’s traditional Mandarin musical, Mulan, a fresh twist.

Working in Australia: What you need to know

THE Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a new range of translated resources to help people from diverse cultural backgrounds understand Australia’s Fair Work system. Amanda Yap reports.

Mayibuye Performance Troupe connects communities

THE Mayibuye Performance Troupe is giving international students the chance to connect with the wider community through music and dance. Find out how you can get involved.

World Uni Rankings: Ensuring a good job, or a good education?

WORLD university rankings are often used by international students to decide which university to go to. But are they worth all the fuss? Sumisha Naidu investigates.

International Students Have Talent competition

HAVE a flair for music, dance and other performing arts? The International Students Have Talent competition includes a shot at winning free recording sessions in a professional studio.

The definition of success

“I’M 19, halfway through my degree, and currently obsessed with thinking about my future.” Meld reporter Marcella Purnama thinks out loud as an unexpected meeting provokes some serious introspection as to what success looks like.

MacLeod: “Use international students for soft diplomacy and trade”

RECENT political debates over refugees and migration have damaged how Australia is seen by international students, Committee for Melbourne chief Andrew MacLeod will argue in a talk tonight.

Acoustic Appeal for East Africa

A group of Victoria University students have organised a fundraiser concert for Africa’s drought and food crisis for CARE Australia.

Review: The Hunter

WILLEM Dafoe stars in a new Australian psychological thriller set in the Tasmanian wilderness. It may lack action at times, but this suspenseful film builds to a shocking climax.

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