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Topshop is coming to Australia

FASHIONISTAS resist the urge to squeal in delight. Topshop is coming to Australia! Emily Quak has the details.

Fair@Square recruiting volunteers

THE largest festival promoting fair and ethical trade in Melbourne, is recruiting volunteers for this year’s event.

Fair Fashion Show

The Fair@Square fashion show showcases a variety of approaches to sustainable, ethical fashion. The mix of fair trade, recycled, organic, and handmade items is just a small selection from the growing number of…

Exam preps: 10 online learning resources for science students

THIS week, Meld reporter Steve Tannason brings you the top 10 learning resources for science students.

Review: In Time

THE latest Justin Timberlake offering, In Time, is a literal take on the phrase “time is money”. The futuristic sci-fi flick sees the rich living forever, while the poor struggle to earn enough time to keep them alive.

Thinking of dabbling in shares?

MAKING uninformed decisions can cause your investments to turn sour, Meld Finance Reporter Kaili Ding cautions. She raises some caveats students need to consider before dabbling in the share market.

24 Summer Accessories, 4 Styles

COUNTDOWN to summer! Meld fashionista Jessica Pang offers you some tips on summer styling, pulling together the hottest 24 summer accessories in 4 different styles that will make complete your killer outfits.

Student Services Amenities Fee: Yay or Nay?

FROM next year, students will have to fork out a $263 student services amenities fee. Will it make a difference to campus life and culture? Myriam Robin investigates.

See the Queen at Federation Square

THE Queen’s in Melbourne today. For just five hours, before she jets off to Perth. But not to fear, you’ve still got a fleeting chance to see her!

Key Change – Charity Concert

A bunch of International students, part of the lovely Melbourne Community, are organising a concert to raise fund for local causes. This time we will be fundraising for to support the work of…

A Jam on your Tram

THE Foo Fighters could be playing on a Melbourne tram, if Tram Sessions’ co-founder Nick Wallberg gets his way. Amanda Yap reports.

The ugly truth – finishing a degree to start another one

NEWS flash: 15 years of education haven’t really prepared you to face the world. No, now you need 20. Marcella Purnama deals with the disappointments of finding a job as an international student.

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