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She's not that into you

She’s just not that into you

WHY is it so hard to tell a friend the person they like doesn’t like them back? Marcella Purnama weighs up whether being a good friends means lying to save feelings or telling the truth and breaking hearts.

Jamaica dela Cruz

Jamaica dela Cruz carves out a career in Asian Pop

IT’S hard for an international student to get a job in Australia you say? Find out how Jamaica dela Cruz landed the coveted role as radio host of SBS PopAsia.

More than a thousand rally in Melbourne for Bersih 3.0. Photo: Samuel Eng

More than a thousand rally in Melbourne for Bersih 3.0

MORE than a thousand Malaysians took to Federation Square in Melbourne to rally for free and fair elections back home. Sumisha Naidu reports.

Protesters display Ambiga masks. Photo Alvin Chia

Bersih 3: Q&A with Wong Chin-Huat, steering committee member

WHAT’S the Malaysian movement Bersih 3.0 all about? Wong Chin-Huat, Bersih steering committee member, former ISA detainee and journalism lecturer speaks to Meld’s Jowee Tee – ahead of today’s rallies.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Celebrity Theatresports

Comedy fest: Celebrity Theatresports (Review)

A COMEDY festival favourite, Meld’s Leon Saw gets stuck in the no-holds-barred competition of improvised comedy called Celebrity Theatresports.

Graphic: Marcus Huang

Sydney train attack: Beaten Chinese student told he “deserved it”

SOCIAL media users turn on a Chinese international student attacked in Sydney as Australian leaders come forward to condemn the assault. Luke Henriques-Gomes and Claire Cai report.

Anzac biscuits. Photo: Tristan Ferne via flickr

Anzac biscuits: food for the field

ANZAC biscuits are a yummy treat today but a century ago, they were a taste of home for Australian soldiers out on the battlefield. Amanda Yap has the story, and recipe.

DIY lace earrings

DIY – 5 fun projects to do doily

IF you thought doilies were nothing more than an ornamental mat favoured by grannies, Victoria Brown shows you five DIY projects that will change your mind.

Take 2 Market

The Weekender: April 28 – 29

IN this week’s edition, Catherine May searches out a number of European cultural celebrations, an exhibition to entice your inner travel bug and fashion markets in the northern suburbs.

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd calms Weibo frenzy over attack on Chinese international students

FORMER foreign affairs minister Kevin Rudd wields his influence on Chinese social media to restore confidence in Australia after a vicious attack on two Chinese students in Sydney. Luke Henriques-Gomes reports.

anzac day

Anzac Day: Lest We Forget

LEST you think it’s just another holiday for you to sleep in, party, or catch up with your readings, Anzac Day is a day of immense cultural significance in Australia. Leon Saw pays tribute.

Meld's Marcella Purnama with Trio Lestari.

Trio Lestari in Melbourne: “Don’t forget Indonesia”

BEFORE tonight’s show, Meld’s Marcella Purnama catches up with Indonesia’s Trio Lestari and finds out how this non-traditional boyband is set on making waves both on and offshore.


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