Australia signs statement ensuring ethical recruitment of international students

AUSTRALIA, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK have jointly issued the London Statement – a set of guidelines for education agents on the ethical recruitment of international students. 

The London Statement promotes best practice among education agents, to ensure students get professional and ethical service when applying to schools, colleges, or universities overseas.

The principles outlined in the statement require agents and consultants to:

  • Provide current, accurate and honest information in an ethical manner,
  • Provide current and up-to-date information that enables international students to make informed choices when selecting which agent or consultants to employ, and
  • Work with destination countries and providers to raise ethical standards and best practices

Underlying the principles is an “ethical framework of integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, transparency, confidentiality, professional behaviour, as well as professionalism and purpose”.

British Council’s Director of Higher Education Pat Killingley said the issuing of the London Statement “was not about getting tough with bad agents but about promoting and encouraging the very good practices that many already follow”.

He said the countries involved will each be working towards ensuring the principles are considered and that agencies were likely to be trained accordingly.

It is unknown if or how IDP Australia, one of Australia’s largest student placement services, will be adopting the Statement’s principles.

The agency  did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication.

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