Get the Look for Less: Clutches

FOR something so small, designers sure can charge a lot. We show you where you can get this season’s most coveted clutches for less.

Ever lusted after something designer and wished you had more cash to splash? We know we have!

But instead of breaking the bank, we’re introducing Get the Look for Less – a regular column where we bring you this season’s hottest looks, and then tell you where you can find almost identical pieces for a fraction of the price! It’s genius, we know.

And we’re kicking things off with… clutches.

Once upon a time it was all about the bigger the better when it came to bags. Oversized luggage dominated the streets and you would pay a pretty penny to carry around a bag big enough to fit you and a friend inside.

But now, it’s all about choosing the bare minimum. The hottest thing to hit the runaway this season are clutches small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. No more losing your phone down the rabbit hole of your oversized bag… and no more cringing as that new Miley track you chose for your ringtone blares for everyone to hear!

You would be forgiven for assuming that a shrink in the size equals a shrink in cost, but sorry, no go. Designer clutches cost just as much, if not more than those huge oversized handbags, especially if there’s diamante detailing involved.

But don’t worry, you can still do it small and stay fashionable simply by opting for these Get the Look for Less alternatives instead:

Comme Des Garcons Coin Purse, $160 –Same, but different — Topshop Holographic Coin Purse, $14

Alexander Wang Pyramid Clutch, $160–Same, but different — Triangle Clutch from on Ebay, $19.99

Jimmy Choo Surfer Print Acrylic Clutch $785–Same, but different — Samudra Ocean Print Clutch, $60

Sass & Bide Diamond Clutch $190–Same, but different–Asos Hard Diamond Clutch, $42.50

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