The SEXtember Wrap-Up: That’s all folks

AFTER  a month (and a day), SEXtember has finally come to an end. We’d like to thank all of you for reading, contributing, and for those who couldn’t stand the sex talk – thanks for putting up with us. Read on for the top stories, poll results & more.

Dear Meld readers,

We can’t believe it – but the day has come for us to farewell SEXtember. We’ve had a blast writing the stories – from trying to come up with creative ways to talk about sex to hearing your thoughts on the subject.

The idea was to get a conversation going about safe sex – to destigmatise the topic, and educate ourselves about STIs and other sexual health issues along the way. We hope we’ve managed to do this to some extent!

We have to thank the team over at Red Aware for their help getting SEXtember off the ground and their ongoing support throughout the month. Do check them out and sign up to their mailing list for lots of sexual health tips and even a free safe sex kit.

We also have to give a shout-out to the team at Meld – from the fantastic video to the witty articles to the graphics.  As you may have read from our many discussion pieces, we have people across the divide at Meld (pro-safe sex, pro-celibacy, completely indifferent) – but despite personal views and the discomfort at tackling such a tricky and sometimes controversial subject, everyone stepped up to the plate. It’s been as much a learning experience for us as we hope it’s been for you.

Finally, we want to thank you for sticking with us. It’s been great hearing your stories, seeing your feedback through the polls and having your support – our Facebook page has had massive growth in the last month (we’d like to think SEXtember had just a bit to do with it…).

Remember: even though the month’s coming to an end, you can still always get in touch with us. Plus, the stories will all still be online here. And you can get advice from some of these places listed here.

We’ve made a list of the popular SEXtember stories this month for you to enjoy, and we’ve compiled the poll results..but aside from that, that’s all from SEXtember.

Until next year!

– The Meld Magazine Team



1. Let’s Talk About Sex

2.  The problem with Asian sex education (or the lack of it)

3. Budi Sudarto – Gay, Asian, Proud

Photo: Wan Shing

4.  The Great Sextember Debate

Waiting for ‘The One’

Waiting till you’re ready

5. Talking about the S-Word

…and lots more  informative, discussion, and news pieces here


How did you learn about sex?

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The Great SEXtember Debate: To wait or not to wait?

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