Student life: Top five free study apps

THE next time your parents complain you spend too much time in front of your computer or on your mobile device, tell them you’re studying. Jessica-Anne Lyons introduces five free study apps to make that claim legitimate.

Student life: Top five study apps

It seems everyone and their dogs think our generation is glued to our computers and phones, which is true to some extent. But our devices aren’t just for playing Words With Friends or scrolling through Urban Outfitters, they can access study apps that may help us go from distracted to Distinction.

Here are five tried-and-tested study apps that are great for getting organised and preparing for exams. And best of all, they’re student-friendly (free)!



Think of iProcastinate as the list to conquer all lists. This app is a cross between a calendar and a to-do list, and allows you to not only keep track of when your assignments and coursework are due, but also create sub-lists for smaller individual tasks. For example, you can add “history essay” to your main to-do list and then create a list within that task for personalised steps like “research”, “write introduction”, etc to complete it. You can also view your tasks on a calendar, which makes things clear.


The best part: You can categorise your assignments by subject. Also, you can highlight important tasks, which the app will notify you about  if you didn’t complete them before their due dates.

Available on: Apple App Store



Evernote is pretty famous having won a string of app-related awards and being inducted into the Apple “App Hall of Fame”. You can compile your files, images, notes and web clips from your various computers and devices onto this multitasking app and access them wherever you are. Other than making useful to-do lists, you can take photos and record audio and attach them to your notes.


The best part: With Evernote, you have all your work in the palm of your hand and don’t have to carry a large diary or scrapbook around.

Available on: Apple App Store, Blackberry World, Google Play, WebOS via App Catalog, Windows

Autodesk Sketchbook Express

Autodesk Sketchbook Express, like Microsoft Paint, is essentially for doodling. A lot of reviewers suggest this app works best on a tablet with a stylus, but you can use it on any mobile device to create quick sketches or visual notes.

Autodesk Sketchbook Express

The best part: You can upgrade the app to Sketchbook Pro, which is like Photoshop but much less expensive. It has a range of tools such as airbrushes, erasers, layers markers and pencils for you to create images.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play

Google Drive

Google Drive will help you manage your group assignments. You can access Google Drive via the app or an Internet browser and upload and share your work with your group members and vice versa.

Google Drive

The best part: You and your group members can create documents, presentations and spreadsheets on Google Drive itself. Multiple people can even work on the same project document at the same time.

Available on: Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows


Smartr lets you create “stacks” of cue cards, which you can organise into categories like “Definitions”, “Question and Answer”, etc. You can even put images on the cards.


The best part: After completing a “stack” of cue cards, you can use Smartr to quiz yourself about the information in it. You can do so multiple times and the app will only test you on the cards you didn’t memorise.

Available on: Apple App Store

What apps do you use to help you get organised, or study better? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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  2. iStudiez Pro

  3. Hey we created a great iPhone app for automating the studying process. Check it out:

    You set a study schedule and then receive notifications to quiz you on the material you are trying to learn, stepping through “flash cards”.

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