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LOOKING to get an Australian apprenticeship, certificate or degree? Faridah Wu examines an online catalogue that promises to simplify comparisons between private institutions. 

The catalogue by Australian Council for Private Education and Training is an online tool for students and their parents. Image: Faridah Wu

The catalogue by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training is an online tool for students and their parents. Image: Faridah Wu

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training has set up an online catalogue for students looking at courses and institutions in Australia. If you’re considering further education or specialist courses, this catalogue of private education institutes could aid your research.

ACPET has provided different versions of the catalogue for smartphones and tablets. The tablet, mobile, and original versions of the website are viewable across all devices.

The members catalogue lists a mind-boggling array of Australian colleges, universities and other training institutions. Results are categorised by industry, so you can find courses in fields such as metals and engineering, IT and business, or the creative industries.

While the mobile view is text-heavy, it is friendly to mobile phones and easy to navigate. Image: Faridah Wu

The mobile view is text-heavy but user-friendly. Image: Faridah Wu

Meld’s Verdict

The catalogue’s search engine filters results by state, course and type (international students, apprenticeships, and traineeships).

However, it took several tries before the search engine managed to show me what I was looking for. Perhaps ACPET could look into tightening the tags and keywords in their search engine.

What distinguishes this catalogue from paper booklets is its interactivity. You can watch videos about a particular institute, visit their website, read testimonials, and contact them via email or social media.

These interactive elements make it easier to compare institutions and find the one that fits your needs. The online catalogue also provides up-to-date information straight from the institutions.

ACPET CEO Claire Field says, “It’s no longer about trawling through websites and trying to make comparisons… it makes all the information readily available.”

This catalogue would be particularly useful for anyone who has finished an Australian foundation course and is looking for further studies. It can also aid you if you are looking to obtain qualifications in fields such as health and safety, first aid or English language.

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training online catalogue is available here. You can view it on smartphones, tablets and computers. For more information, visit ACPET’s official website

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