Style inspiration: How to rock streetwear

IF you’re just getting used to raiding your own wardrobe for what to wear to school, don’t fret. Trinity College Foundation Studies fashionistas Kertna Tharmaraja and Lotte Wong bring you some street style inspiration from their classmates. 

The world of streetwear has origins from hip-hop, skate, and surf culture – and is now being introduced to the mass market by high fashion brands. It is undeniable that this element in the fashion industry is now a force to be reckoned with.

Prominent high fashion labels such as Givenchy and Marc Jacobs have made the plunge into the streetwear industry. The support of influential celebrities like Rihanna, Cara Delegvine and Kanye West has also contributed to its popularity.

It therefore comes as no surprise that fashion-forward individuals all over the world have now entered the era of minimalist, graphic tops and loud sneakers, Australia being no exception.

How does one on a student budget build a look seen on celebrities all over the world without breaking the bank? We asked a few style-savvy students their source of inspiration and their ultimate ‘go-to’ stores for their style.

Eric Luo

Trinity College Foundation Studies student Eric Luo. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Trinity College Foundation Studies student Eric Luo. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Chinese student Eric emulates high street fashion seen in magazines and newspapers, and is keen on keeping up with today’s trends. For stylish yet affordable buys, he turns to mainstream high fashion brands such as Zara and H&M.

Yi Han

Singaporean student Yi Han. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Singaporean student Yi Han. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Hailing from Singapore – which was ranked 8th amongst Top Global Fashion Capitals in 2011 – student Yi Han idolises the likes of Kylie Jenner, who serves as her fashion inspiration.

Yi Han is an avid online shopper and definitely recommends online shopping sites such as Asos for those in search of cheap yet one of a kind pieces.

Christopher Chia

Singaporean student Christopher Chia. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Singaporean student Christopher Chia. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Also from Singapore, Christopher is drawn to streetwear’s sporty elements – made famous by the big labels such as DKNY and Vera Wang.

Chris sources inspiration from social media such as Instagram with accounts belonging to celebrities or his personal favourite, @Outfitgrid. For cheap buys, his go-to resources are Asos and major brands such as Adidas or Nike, which are available in stores like Rebel Sport or direct factory outlets.

Naomi Yang

Trinity College Foundation Studies student Naomi Yang, from China. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Trinity College Foundation Studies student Naomi Yang, from China. Photo: Kertna Tharmaraja

Naomi is a Chinese student, also part of the Trinity College Foundation Studies programme. After a trip to Japan, she was greatly inspired by the simplicity of Japanese fashion. She loves being inspired by Japanese streetwear styles because it is comfortable, stylish and it suits her age. Sportsgirl is her all-time favourite store.

Being fashionable does not mean you need to constantly scour the most popular stores or top labels. Streetwear is one way to stay chic and stylish while not breaking the bank.

The simplicity, stylishness and comfort of streetwear has made it a great go-to style, especially for students. Besides the stores listed above, we highly recommend visiting outlet stories in South Wharf and Spencer Outlet Centre or online shopping sites. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for seasonal sales too, where you may find cheap buys that are right on-trend! Don’t be afraid to establish your style and rock street wear!

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  1. A well written piece that I feel that can be easily related to a lot of the youngsters now! Especially loved all the photos in the article!

  2. Wow. I appreciate these up to date insights into the psyche of the students. Keep up the good work.

  3. A well written article I must say. Great photos as well. Great work Kertna. Looking forward to reading more articles done by you.

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