What’s your Malaysian dream?

THE Malaysian Aspiration Summit is an opportunity for Malaysians to make their dreams heard, writes Malaysian Aspiration Program director Ken Lin Ooi. He shares his dreams for Malaysia in the lead-up to the event taking place this Sunday September 28.

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

I have a dream for Malaysia. I dream that every Malaysian will go through a holistic education system and get a job that pays enough to live comfortably. I dream of mature politics, with our Parliament filled with politicians who assert their case by way of evidence and facts. I dream that our constitution is upheld, rights are protected and liberty enforced. I dream that crime rates are low, roads are safe, and poverty eradicated. And most importantly, I dream for peace and moderation in the light of racial diversity in our multi-ethnic country.

I want to make my dreams happen. Being away from home, the Malaysian Aspiration Program (MAP) provides me with the ideal platform to have constructive discussions with many like-minded people through round table sessions. What’s more wonderful is that outcomes of these discussions will not go to waste. For example, MAP will be sending an education report to the Ministry of Education to propose practical ideas on improving the quality of our education system. Effectively, I get to play a role in making my dreams happen.

I want others to realise that they too, can make their dreams be heard. The Malaysian AspirationSummit is MAP’s annual statewide flagship event. This event brings together corporate leaders and prominent politicians to engage with students on pressing issues in Malaysia. As the largest student-run Malaysian conference in Victoria, this event provides a unique opportunity for Malaysian students to share their Malaysian dreams and aspirations with our speakers. Indeed, your dreams can be heard, and will be heard in this event.

As the Director of the Malaysian Aspiration Program, it is an absolute joy to lead this organisation. Indeed, I am living my Malaysian dream so far. What’s yours?

The 5th Malaysian Aspiration Summit 2014 will be held on September 28, at RMIT Storey Hall. Azran Osman Rani, CEO of AirAsia X, Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Cradle Fund and Shahril Hamdan, UMNO Youth Exco Member are among the many others who will be speaking on the panel.

Interested in participating? There’s still time to register for the summit

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