Your Melbourne summer ice-cream guide

It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it! Ricky Chen, Kelly Wang and Nadia Satrio from Trinity College Foundation Studies took on the rather enviable task of scouring Carlton and the Melbourne CBD to bring you this summer’s top ice-cream picks. 

Students who have experienced the Australian summer will know just how hot it can get here in Melbourne. With temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees, it’s little wonder why ice-cream is such a popular treat for all. Here are our top picks:

Il Dolce Freddo  (116 Lygon St,Carlton)

Il Doce Freddo. Photo: Kelly Wang

Il Doce Freddo. Photo: Kelly Wang

Photo: Kelly Wang

Photo: Kelly Wang

Il Doce Freddo has been serving up scoops of gelato to international students for years and there are no signs of waning. Flavours popular with students include Ferrero Rocher, Matcha Green Tea, as well as Pandan and Coconut, and brings much comfort for those hankering after a familiar taste of home. With large cups of any four flavours going at $9.80, it’s an indulgence worth sharing with friends – unless you’d much prefer to savour the lot on your own, of course.

Pidapipo Gelateria  (299 Lygon St, Carlton)

Pidapipo Gelateria. Photo: Nadia Satrio

Pidapipo Gelateria. Photo: Nadia Satrio

There can never be enough gelato to go around and Pidapipo Gelateria proves it. The relatively new kid on the block opened up a permanent shop on Lygon St this year after a successful pop-up in 2014 that had young and old alike queueing up for their share of sweet creamy goodness. Nutella fanatics will be ecstatic to know that Nutella is served on tap at Pidapipo. Our favourites include Nutella Swirl (of course), Banana Milk, Fior di Latte, Pistachio, Bacio and fruity sorbets like lemon and passionfruit. Prices start at a friendly $4 per scoop, two for $6, and three for $7, perfect for students on a tighter budget.


Helados Jauja (254 Lygon St, Carlton)

Ice Cream Argentina Argentinean

Helados Jauja. Photo: Shaun Lee

Ice Cream Argentina Argentinean

Photo: Shaun Lee

Further up the road is an Argentinian ice-cream shop worth visiting. It’s honest to goodness ice-cream made from quality ingredients. What we like best about Helados Jauja (apart from the ice-cream) is its cosy and welcoming atmosphere, and there is room at the back of the store to sit down and catch up with friends over a scoop, or maybe two. Also, while the store’s roots are Argentinian with traditional offerings such as Yerba Mate and dulce de leche, they have also attempted other bold flavours such as salted chilli pomelo, blue cheese cassis and durian. Prices vary according to flavour, but prices generally start at around $5 per scoop.

N2 Extreme Gelato  (188 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC)

N2 Extreme Gelato. Photo: Kelly Wang

N2 Extreme Gelato. Photo: Kelly Wang

Watching your ice-cream being made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen by staff in lab coats, goggles and all is part of the spectacle that is N2 Extreme Gelato, combined with the range of interesting and exciting flavours from sweet to savoury such as Creme Brûlée, Matcha, Pumpkin Spice, Dirty Banana Split and Brokeback Moment (think chocolate, honeycomb, and the iconic syringe filled with salted caramel which you can literally inject into your gelato). Prices start from $9, which might be a tad pricy for some students, but definitely worth splurging on, even just once.

Gelateria Primavera  (157 Spring St, Melbourne)

Gelateria Primavera. Photo: Ricky Chen

Gelateria Primavera. From left, Watermelon Mint and Lemon. Photo: Ricky Chen

You might miss this little gem on Spring St if your daily commute to and from classes doesn’t take you to the “Paris end” of town, but Gelateria Primavera on Spring St is a must-go. Gelato is made fresh daily with rotating specials from milk-based gelati to fruity sorbets, to ensure there’s always something for everyone. Flavours we’ve tried and loved include Watermelon Mint, Mango Orange and Salty Caramel. Prices start from $5 for a small cup with one flavour to $8.20 for a large with up to four flavours. 


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