New CISA National Executives Committee: Find out who will represent you

THE Council of International Students Australia (CISA) has elected a new national committee of student representatives who will advocate for the half a million international students living in Australia. Samantha Chew reports.

Nina Khairina will return as CISA President for her 2016 - 2017 term. Former CISA National Executive Committee members Sahil Puri and Nidhi Baweja will not be returning. | Image via CISA's official Facebook page.

Nina Khairina (left) will return as CISA President for her 2016 – 2017 term after being successfully elected into an additional term. Former CISA National Executive Committee members Sahil Puri (middle) and Nidhi Baweja (right) will not be returning. | Image via CISA’s official Facebook page.

A new executives committee for the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) has been determined following the peak body’s annual National Conference in early July.

During this year’s conference, hosted in Darwin, new delegates were selected in what was described by CISA as one of its “most competitive elections”. Only two positions were elected without opposition.

Nina Khairina, will return to her role as CISA President, after being elected for a second term in a row. Ms Khairina was confident in her ability to once again lead the CISA National Executives Committee to further success.

“I will personally strive to learn from my mistakes and continue to strengthen the relationships we have built with members and various stakeholders over the years,” an enthusiastic Ms Khairina said.

With the theme of “Breaking down barriers, facing the future together as one”, it is certain that the conference has led to a united and diverse selection of student representatives for CISA’s new National Executive Committee; of which include:

  • President: Mustika Indah (Nina) Khairina (Monash University)
  • Vice President: Dominic Aloysius (Australian National University)
  • Secretary: Albina Kartavtseva (University of Newcastle)
  • Treasurer: Evgeniya Khrenova (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Public Relations Officer: Karen Cochrane (University of Sydney)
  • Education Officer: Toufique Ahmed (Charles Sturt University)
  • Welfare Officer: Prashanth Magandram (University of South Australia)
  • Equity Officer: Teesta Prakash (The Australia National University)
  • General Member (VET/TAFE): Paula Josefa Subido (Canberra Institute of Technology)
  • General Member (Undergraduate): Enggar Daranindra (Charles Darwin University)
  • General Member (Postgraduate): Dion Lee (University of Queensland)

CISA has stated it will continue to build upon the hard work and foundations laid by previous executive teams, focusing their efforts on funding for new initiatives and reducing employability barriers for international students. New aims have also come to light in the wake of a new committee.

“Our main focuses this year will be: one, to build the organisational capability of the organisation, and two, to continue working on its grassroots engagement,”  Ms Khairina said.

CISA represents more than 500,000 international students currently residing in Australia and these new representatives will unite to advocate for all international student issues.

Get to know the voices who will echo yours to evoke positive change in the international student community.

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