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Production editor positions open at Meld

UP to three production editor roles are open for students looking to pick up useful skills that can be applied across a wide variety of roles in digital media. Find out how you can apply.

Review: Vintage Girls by Nadia Barbaro

BEAUTIFUL dresses, hand crafted accessories and bags that gleam and glitter? If that description makes you swoon, read on! Self-confessed vintage fashion fan Jessica-Anne Lyons reviews this new release on golden oldie style.

The student’s guide to indoor gardening

GREEN thumb or not, apartments and share houses don’t usually come with a garden. So if you’d like some low-maintenance greenery to bring the outside indoors, Jessica-Anne Lyons shares some great options that pretty much look after themselves!

What I learned after moving out of home (Part 1)

HOME, sweet home. Or according to these students, not so sweet! Jessica-Anne Lyons rounded up some stories about moving out that will make you laugh, cringe, and consider yourself warned!

Meet the Accommodation and Living Team: Welcome to my room

WE’RE introducing a new category to Meld Magazine called Accommodation and Living, and with it comes a new team! Meet Faridah Wu and Jessica-Anne Lyons and check out their rooms for some space-spiration.

Advice for media graduates (P3): Want your dream job? Research.

IN the last of this three-part series, we look into the importance of research in landing your dream job in the media industry. Christian Teo speaks from personal experience.

Fedora steps up to the challenge and wins October’s story of the month

STEPPING out to do something new can be challenging, as well as rewarding, as Meld reporter Fedora Gracia discovered when she covered the basketball event at ASEAN Games Australia. She wins October’s story of the month. Read on to find out why.

Summer 2013 – 2014 Music Festival Survival Guide

MELBOURNE is home to some of the biggest and best music festivals in the country. For first time festival-goers, Jessica-Anne Lyons has spoken to some music lovers who have been there for their best festival tips.

Top honour goes to Julian Tay for August’s story of the month

YOU don’t often get to see the people behind the cameras, but for August, we’re putting Meld videographer Julian Tay in the limelight. He wins Meld’s story of the month for August for his interview with Cannes-award winning filmmaker Anthony Chen, which has attracted close to 20,000 views on YouTube.

TEDxMelbourne: Social entrepreneur and soprano singer Tania de Jong

We might think ‘to the left, to the left’, when really, tapping into the right side of the brain may be the key to unlocking its potential. Jessica-Anne Lyons speaks to soprano singer and social entrepreneur Tania de Jong about using song to unleash your creativity.

Girls’ Generation and the blurred lines of pop music

When one of Korea’s most successful pop groups Girls’ Generation won Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards, it sparked a wave of online criticism from fans of its fellow nominees. Jessica-Anne Lyons tunes in to find out whether or not ‘pop’ music needs to be redefined.

The student team behind APERTURE Film Festival

IT’S the first Asia-Pacific film festival of its kind with a dedicated team of past and current international students running the show. Jessica-Anne Lyons takes you behind the scenes.

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