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The Evolution of Pole Dancing

FROM strip clubs to sports arenas, pole dancing has come a long way from its less-than-high-brow roots. Amanda Yap gets to know the dance as both a sport and an art form.

Jay Park’s ‘New Breed’ of K-Pop

KOREAN pop star Jay Park will be heading to Australia for the first time this September. He took some time out to talk to Amanda Yap about music, travel, being bilingual and the incredible reach of K-Pop.

International students in Victoria caught up in medical placement confusion

INTERNATIONAL students are being told they’ll be prioritised for medical internships in Victoria – even though there may not be enough placement spots for them to begin with. Amanda Yap reports.

More working hours for postgrad and research students

POSTGRADUATE and doctoral research international students can now work for an unlimited number of hours per week in Australia while studying.

International students victims of drug smugglers

INTERNATIONAL students are getting caught up in the illegal drug trade by accepting parcels on behalf of strangers for cash. Amanda Yap reports.

100% Melbourne (Review)

100% Melbourne is a fascinating interactive portrayal of Melbourne’s diverse population, reflecting the numerous demographics that co-exist in this city.

100% Melbourne: part theatre, part game, part reality

ACCLAIMED Berlin theatre makers Rimini Protokoll have cast 100 everyday Melbourne folk in an unusual piece of theatre this weekend. Amanda Yap checks out 100% Melbourne.

Anzac biscuits: food for the field

ANZAC biscuits are a yummy treat today but a century ago, they were a taste of home for Australian soldiers out on the battlefield. Amanda Yap has the story, and recipe.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Pajama Men

Comedy Fest: The Pajama Men – In The Middle of No One (Review)

MULTI-award winning US act The Pajama Men were back in Melbourne by popular demand for a rerun of their 2011 smash hit, In the Middle of No One. Amanda Yap left the show slightly confused – but thoroughly amused.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Jason Chong

Comedy Fest: Jason Chong in Where’s the Remote? (Review)

EXPECT a very different comedy experience as Jason Chong takes you on a high tech adventure where movies come to life. Amanda Yap indulges the inner child in her.

International student advocate Wesa Chau wins state honours

INTERNATIONAL student advocate Wesa Chau has been inducted into the prestigious Victorian Honour Roll for Women 2012, for her work in improving the experiences of international students in Australia. But as Meld reporter Amanda Yap learns, there’s still much to be done.

Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

MELD’S Amanda Yap reviews psychological thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene, in which Elizabeth Olsen – sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley – pulls off a surprisingly deep portrayal of a damaged young woman.

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