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How Ray Chan started 9GAG, and a career in fun

MELD’S Fiona Ren ventures down the rabbit hole that is 9GAG and gets ‘trolled’ by co-founder Ray Chan.

What’s your journalism degree worth?

WHERE are the jobs? Fiona Ren explores the future of journalism, new media, and how universities are preparing students for an industry in flux.

Everyday artist: Hong Yi Red hot after Yao Ming portrait

KOREAN chili paste, coffee and socks. Ordinary items to you. Art supplies to Youtube sensation and former international student Red Hong Yi.

Melbourne University’s iPhone App

MELBOURNE University was among the first to utilise mobile education technology. But as Fiona Ren writes, the university’s iPhone app could do with a facelift.

Love and loathing: Mothers’ Day reflections

WITH Mother’s Day round the corner, Meld’s Fiona Ren makes sense of a daughter-mother relationship that hasn’t always been smooth-sailing.

Le Memefier App (Review)

IF you love memes and can’t get enough of them, Memefier is the app for you. Meld’s Fiona Ren has a go.

PappaRich opens in Doncaster

AFTER the successful opening of PappaRich in QV, a second store opens in Doncaster, serving up more of the same mouthwatering Malaysian cuisine. Fiona Ren drops in for a visit.

Insider Guide - the Australia Student Guide app for international students.

Insider Guide app: the Australia Student Guide (Review)

NO more carrying a clunky guidebook around town, as the creators of the International Student Guide have finally launched an app to accompany the company’s flagship print product. Fiona Ren checks it out.

Monash University’s new iPhone app

UNIVERSITIES are launching their own mobile apps to improve students’ experiences on campus. Meld reporter Diane Leow gives Monash Uni’s new iPhone app a go.

Back to School Accessories – 3. The ‘Hipster’ Edition

THIS edition is dedicated to all the hipsters out there (whether you admit to being one or not). We guarantee you’ll stand out effortlessly with these back to school accessories we’ve compiled.

Living on the EDGE: Shumin Sabrina Zhao

WHAT do you like to do in your spare time? Sabrina Zhao from China is passionate about learning from different cultures, and she does so through voluntary work.

Living on the EDGE: Estela Leong

EDGE leader Estela Leong is a big believer in innovation. Her inspiration? Entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.

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