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More Indian students likely to flock to Australia as UK tightens visa laws

AS the UK government tightens its education migration rules, Indian students may be considering other destinations, such as Australia. Gayertree Subramaniam reports.

Dabortz brings Indonesian street art to Melbourne

GAYERTREE Subramanium speaks to Indonesian graffiti artist Darbotz about his love-hate relationship with his home city Jakarta, and Monsters Inside Us, his first solo exhibition in Melbourne.

Juwita Suwito with Orchestre Nouveau live at Fiesta Malaysia

MALAYSIAN pop powerhouse Juwita Suwito is back in Melbourne performing alongside the edgy Orchestre Nouveau as part of Fiesta Malaysia 2013. Gayertree Subramainiam has more.

FTW: Transitions Film Festival Encore Ticket Giveaway

DUE to the overwhelming response, festival organisers are planning to run an additional screening of the opening night film Promised Land starring Matt Damon, and PLANEAT this Saturday. And, we have four pairs of tickets up for grabs!

FTW: Tickets to Transitions Film Festival

THE upcoming Transitions Film Festival might just change the way you think about the world you live in, for good. Gayertree Subramanium explains why.

Convenient Education: International students & the promise of the Australian Dream

A NEW interactive documentary hopes to expose a flawed system that’s lured thousands of international students to Australia with the shaky promise of a future here. Gayertree Subramaniam speaks to the co-director of Convenient Education, David Elliot-Jones.

Keeping the Deepavali flame alive in Melbourne

GARLANDS of jasmine, the smell of spices, delicious sweetmeats, henna, and family – all things Gayertree Subramaniam loves about the Festival of Lights, Deepavali.

Hip Hop in Asia – An exclusive interview with Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and DJ Biggie

WHAT does it take to run a successful independent music label in Asia? And can hip hop help heal the tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia? Gayertree Subramaniam spoke about all that and more with Malaysia’s Joe Flizzow of Too Phat fame, SonaOne, and DJ Biggie.

SEXtember: Common questions and sex myths

CAN you catch an STI from a toilet seat? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about sex and STIs in this week’s myth buster.

SEXtember: The problem with Asian sex education (or the lack of it)

SEX education should set the foundation of safe sex practices that lasts a lifetime. But, as Gayertree Subramaniam and her friends found out, sometimes cultural taboos can get in the way of an informative lesson.

Environmental Film Festival Melbourne 2012

WHAT can a nation do when threatened by rising sea levels? Is sushi driving the extinction of certain fish species? As Gayertree Subramaniam highlights, films on these issues & more will be screened at this week’s Environmental Film Festival in Melbourne.

Australians in Asia: Forging stronger ties through overseas study?

COULD studying in Asia help Australians better understand its neighbours? Gayertree Subramaniam speaks to some Aussies who’ve spent time abroad.

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