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Review: Vintage Girls by Nadia Barbaro

BEAUTIFUL dresses, hand crafted accessories and bags that gleam and glitter? If that description makes you swoon, read on! Self-confessed vintage fashion fan Jessica-Anne Lyons reviews this new release on golden oldie style.

The student’s guide to indoor gardening

GREEN thumb or not, apartments and share houses don’t usually come with a garden. So if you’d like some low-maintenance greenery to bring the outside indoors, Jessica-Anne Lyons shares some great options that pretty much look after themselves!

What I learned after moving out of home (Part 1)

HOME, sweet home. Or according to these students, not so sweet! Jessica-Anne Lyons rounded up some stories about moving out that will make you laugh, cringe, and consider yourself warned!

Summer 2013 – 2014 Music Festival Survival Guide

MELBOURNE is home to some of the biggest and best music festivals in the country. For first time festival-goers, Jessica-Anne Lyons has spoken to some music lovers who have been there for their best festival tips.

TEDxMelbourne: Social entrepreneur and soprano singer Tania de Jong

We might think ‘to the left, to the left’, when really, tapping into the right side of the brain may be the key to unlocking its potential. Jessica-Anne Lyons speaks to soprano singer and social entrepreneur Tania de Jong about using song to unleash your creativity.

Girls’ Generation and the blurred lines of pop music

When one of Korea’s most successful pop groups Girls’ Generation won Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards, it sparked a wave of online criticism from fans of its fellow nominees. Jessica-Anne Lyons tunes in to find out whether or not ‘pop’ music needs to be redefined.

The student team behind APERTURE Film Festival

IT’S the first Asia-Pacific film festival of its kind with a dedicated team of past and current international students running the show. Jessica-Anne Lyons takes you behind the scenes.

Pianist Hoang Pham, musical success story at 27

From Vietnam to Australia and all around the world, talented musician Hoang Pham has become an international success in his own right. Jessica-Anne Lyons has a chat with the Melbourne-based pianist about how he hit the right notes to get where he is today.

Spring Beauty Buys

IT’S time to spring-clean your makeup bag! Our own beauty queen Jessica-Anne Lyons puts five new products to test – to see if they’re worth your buck.

SEXtember: Under the sheets of sexual addiction

WITH almost one million sufferers in Australia but barely any talk on the issue, Jessica Anne-Lyons sets out to explore the symptoms and the stigma surrounding sexual addiction.

Life after graduation: Singaporean beauty blogger Roseanne Tang

WHAT’S life after graduation like? Jessica-Anne Lyons catches up with former Meld beauty columnist and well-known Singapore beauty blogger Roseanne Tang about her new ventures and the niche she’s carved out for herself in the beauty world.

Healthy Bento Lunch Box Ideas

UNI’S back in session. But before you start splashing cash at the food court, try these week’s worth of healthy lunch ideas on a budget! By Jessica-Anne Lyons.

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