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How to build a gaming PC on a student budget

EVER wondered what an international student might need a gaming PC for? Kai Yi Wong guides you on the components you need to build that machine for all your school and gaming needs.

The most important career lessons we learnt from PAX Australia 2015’s industry panels

MORE than just an exhibition showcasing the latest in gaming, PAX Australia also offers students and graduates a chance to learn from the industry’s biggest names. Kai Yi Wong has the details on the most important career lessons industry experts shared at PAX Australia 2015.

Love Melbourne? Have your say on making Victoria the place to study for international students

Love Melbourne? The Victorian Government is inviting current and former students to contribute to the discussion on making Victoria the place to study for international students – and our team at Meld is pleased to be facilitating these conversations. Find out how you can take part.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on a knowledge economy, and how international students are a part of it

INTERNATIONAL students have significant influence over how Melbourne is run, and should prepare themselves for a future in a knowledge economy. That’s the message reporter Kai Yi Wong took home in a one-on-one interview with the man in charge of the City of Melbourne, the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

International students pay tribute to Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew

INTERNATIONAL students from Singapore are paying tribute to their nation’s founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away early this morning. Meld reporter Kai Yi Wong reports.

Former Malaysian restaurant employee tackles workplace exploitation head on

ARE you being underpaid at work? Former international student Wan opens up about being shortchanged at work and how speaking up about the issue has helped. He tells reporter Kai Yi Wong why international students shouldn’t settle for less.

Accounting: More options for students taking English language tests

STARTING this month, Australia’s top accounting bodies will recognise a wider range English language tests, giving international students and graduates more options. Kai Yi Wong reports.

A day in the life of… City of Melbourne Councillor Ken Ong

CITY of Melbourne Councillor Ken Ong was a former international student pursuing a double degree in engineering. After years in the corporate industry, he made the switch into non-profit work and public affairs. Kai Yi…

ASEAN Games Australia 2014: Singapore netball team victors after losing to Malaysia two years in a row

PERSISTENCE won as Singapore’s Reign Rovers wrests the ASEAN Games netball title from defending champions Phoenix from Malaysia. Kai Yi Wong brings you highlights from the finals at the Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre.

ASEAN Games Australia 2014: Pretty boys make short work of Tuah in futsal

SPECTATORS were treated to an adrenaline-charged futsal match as Vermont Pretty Boys and Tuah FC-A faced off at this year’s ASEAN Games. Kai Yi Wong reports.

Student protestors rally against Federal cuts to Higher Education

LOCAL students respond to the Federal budget’s stance on higher education amid fears that deregulation of university fees will result in higher costs to students. Protestors took to the streets of Melbourne last Wednesday. Kai Yi Wong reports.

Happy National Day, Singapore: From a Singaporean living in Melbourne

ON the eve of Singapore’s 49th National Day, Kai Yi Wong reflects on his three years as a Singaporean student living in Melbourne. Meld Magazine would like to wish all Singaporeans a happy National Day!

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