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ASEAN Games Australia 2013: Tennis, futsal, ultimate frisbee… Malaysia “boleh”!

FINAL scores are in for tennis, futsal and ultimate frisbee, and after an overall tally, it looks like Malaysia has wiped the floor with most of the other ASEAN countries at the 2013 ASEAN Games Australia. Leon Saw wraps up the tournament.

ASEAN Games Australia 2013 badminton: Malaysian Daniel Wu reigning singles champ but loses in doubles

IT was a rather sociable ASEAN Games Australia 2013 for Malaysian badminton player Daniel Wu as he successfully defended his men’s singles title, but couldn’t do the same for his doubles title. Leon Saw reports.

ASEAN Games Australia 2013 squash: Sibling rivalry

IT was all too weird for Malaysian squash player Chong Sue Hsien, who defeated her sister for the ASEAN Games Australia 2013 women’s singles squash title. Leon Saw reports.

The Australian electoral system from a Singaporean’s perspective

WITH a newly elected government in power, have you wondered how Australians elect their leaders? Leon Saw explains what preferential voting looks like and offers a look at another system.

The Australian Sex Party: (Safe) sex and (legal) drugs

IN time for SEXtember, Meld is talking sex and politics! Leon Saw discusses the Australian Sex Party, legal drugs for Australians and safe sex for international students – with the leader of the Australian Sex Party and Australian Senate candidate for Victoria, Fiona Patten.

Patient 0: Hunting zombies IRL

WHAT would you do when confronted with flesh-eating zombies? How would you react? Leon Saw speaks with some of the brains behind IRL Shooter’s “real life live action” zombie hunting game Patient 0, who grappled with those questions.

Cosplayers go all out at PAX Australia 2013

JUST how much effort, money and time do cosplayers put into designing and constructing their elaborate and intricate attires? And why do they do it? From the colourful to the downright outrageous, Leon Saw and Julian Tay explore the world of cosplayers at the recent PAX Australia 2013.

Research finds you’re better off playing video games

NEW research has turned up some pretty surprising findings – those who play video games may be better off than those who don’t play at all. Leon Saw finds out from the experts at the recent PAX Australia 2013.

Death at an exam

PROCEED with exams or attend to a family emergency? It’s a no-brainer, but Leon Saw still wasn’t able to farewell his grandmother in person.

The British & Irish Lions Tour To Australia 2013

WHAT will happen if a pack of Lions took on a herd of Wallabies in their territory? Leon Saw previews the second test match of The British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia 2013.

Malaysian Games returns to Melbourne in 2013

THE Malaysian Games are here again! In its third year, the event promises to be the biggest of all with 10 sports being played. Leon Saw has the details.

Kitchen calamities: A disastrous recipe of ice and fire

ACCORDING to some of his friends, Leon Saw makes a mean spaghetti bolognese. But it didn’t start out like that…oh no…in fact, it began in quite the opposite fashion.

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