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Life as an international student: Sometimes, it feels like we’re second-class

IT’S a city that’s deeply loved by international students, but at times, not a love that’s felt as mutual due to ever-changing visa regulations and lack of recognition of the talent international graduates bring to the table. Indonesian student Marcella Purnama shares her heartaches as well as hopes for future generations of students.

Wise budgeting: Tips on how students can better manage their money

WHAT does proper and effective budgeting actually look like and how do you do it? Marcella Purnama offers her tips on how students can easily save money and better manage their everyday expenses.

Melbourne’s Top 10 Cafes

BEFORE Marcella Purnama left Australia for her hometown of Jakarta, the self-confessed super barista took a walk down memory lane to compile her list of the top 10 cafes in Melbourne.

The bittersweet truth about life after graduation

YOU’VE earned a degree, now what? Marcella Purnama discusses the harsh realities of applying for jobs after university.

Writing your resumé the journalist way (part 2): Structure

RESUMÉ writing isn’t guesswork. Marcella Purnama has the recipe to help you write a job-winning perfect resumé without the stress or uncertainty.

Writing your resumé the journalist way: the Dos and Don’ts

WRITING resumes can be a pain, but Marcella Purnama has some expert tips that will have you producing a resume that’s both easy on the eyes and makes you look good!

The Dating Game: Who would you date?

YOU can encounter all kinds of characters when you’ve been in the dating game for awhile. Marcella Purnama sheds some light on different personality types – and how they can make or break your relationship.

The future of Indonesian cinema

INDONESIAN cinema has typically been associated with “weird movies” like sensual horror films. But the organisers of the Indonesian Film Festival tell Marcella Purnama they’ve witnessed a breakthrough.

Indonesian Film Festival 2012

THE Indonesian Film Festival is on again for the seventh time in Melbourne this October. Marcella Purnama has the details on the biggest celebration of Indonesian screen culture in Australia. Plus we have tickets to giveaway!

The Great SEXtember Debate: Waiting for ‘The One’

WHY do some people wait until they’re married to have sex? Marcella Purnama tells us her reasons for abstaining.

Project O: Revive 2012

RMIT’s Indonesian students association, PPIA RMIT, is tapping into school memories to help raise money for the underprivileged in Indonesia. Marcella Purnama tells you more about the creative project.

Happy Birthday, Indonesia

AS Indonesia celebrates its 67th Independence Day, Marcella Purnama reflects on why she’ll always be proud to call the country home.

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