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Graduate Employability Rankings announced at 11th QS – APPLE Conference 2015

THE Graduate Employability Rankings for 2016 were announced at the 11th QS – APPLE Conference held in Melbourne last week, which gathered professional leaders from all around the globe as they grappled with the challenges and opportunities of education in a globalised world. Stephen Clarke reports.

Comedian Ronny Chieng to film ABC sitcom on being an international student

RONNY Chieng, one of Australia’s most popular comedians, is about to begin filming on an autobiographical sitcom about his time as an international student studying in Melbourne. Stephen Clarke has more.

Quirky and off the beaten path: Unique travel spots in New Zealand

NEW Zealand is a consistently popular location for international students to visit during semester break, and for good reason too. When you’re not marvelling over the natural wonders it has to offer, check out some of these quirky sights compiled by Stephen Clarke.

CISA President Nina Khairina and her pathway to progress

AS the face of international students, CISA President Nina Khairina’s job isn’t easy but her inspiring desire to oversee progress for international students has led her to be where she is today. Stephen Clark chats to the new President of CISA about her path to international student advocacy.

International students’ common problems with Australian law and what they can do if they’re in trouble

CHEN Yang is a practising criminal lawyer at Paul Vale Criminal Law whose fluency in Mandarin has enabled him to defend international students in the court of law. The Melbourne lawyer spoke with Stephen Clarke to discuss the intricacies of Australian law and what to do when international students find themselves in trouble.

Australian Movie and Comic Expo 2015

PICK up what you can and run to the Australian Movie and Comic Expo, formerly known as Armageddon Australia. Stephen Clarke has the details on who you can see and what you can expect from this year’s event.

The Weekender: August 14 – 16

DIG into some South Asian food delights, learn more about your mind, shop with The Winter Collective and splurge at the Shirt and Skirt Market in Abbotsford. Stephen Clarke has your weekend sorted.

Newly elected CISA executives announced: Meet your new national representatives

NEW executive committee members for the Council of International Students Australia have been elected following CISA’s annual conference. Find out who will be representing the nearly half a million international students studying in Australia as Stephen Clarke reports.

RMIT art student from China contributes to Gertrude Street Projection Festival

THE Gertrude Street Projection Festival is lighting up buildings and splashing colour across Fitzroy in a collaboration of art and landscape all week long. We caught up with RMIT student Alex Yang whose work will be featured in the festival. Stephen Clarke has more.

CISA Conference 2015 Day 3: Candidates step forward

AS the fifth annual CISA conference draws to a close, nominations for positions on the council are open and many students are hopeful of fitting into the role. Stephen Clarke has more.

CISA Conference 2015 Day 1: Employment still biggest concern

WHILE the issue of employment remained top of the agenda, student leaders were challenged to work together and mobilise the community for change. That was among the key take home messages from the first day of the CISA Conference. Stephen Clarke reports.

The Weekender: July 3 – 5

THIS weekend we’ve got all your senses covered, with fireworks, food, learning and possibly some furniture building. Stephen Clarke has more information.

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