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Two ‘Crazy White Boys’ jailed for attack on Vietnamese student

TWO members of a Melbourne-based neo-Nazi skinhead group have received jail sentences for attacking a Vietnamese student earlier this year.

UniVoice 2012: Putting the popularity vote to the test

STYLED after popular reality singing competitions, UniVoice 2012 showcased the talents of university students in Australia and even featured celebrity judges like Chris Sebastian. But was it all just a popularity contest or did the best person win?

Malaysian Aspiration Summit 2012: The Challenges of Gen Y

THIS October, student leaders in Australia will have the unique opportunity to engage with some of Malaysia’s most influential thinkers at the Malaysian Aspiration Summit 2012.

Getting to know AJ Rafael & Cathy Nguyen in Melbourne

DID you know an ’emo’ Cathy Nguyen once disabled comments on a YouTube video? Or that AJ Rafael comes from a very musical family (most of whom live in Australia)? We got to know a different side of the multitalented YouTubers. And dared them to take on the Aussie accent.

Australia’s anti-racism strategy to empower international students

THE Australian Human Rights Commission has launched a National Anti-Racism Strategy to wipe out discrimination and empower groups such as international students to stand up for themselves. Sumisha Naidu reports.

Father's Day

The Asian Dad: Father’s Day reflections

“WHY not get first place in class instead of settling for second?” Unlike the rest of the world, Australians only celebrate Father’s Day in September. Nonetheless, Sumisha Naidu used the weekend to reflect on the daughter-father relationship.

MELD EXCLUSIVE: David Choi can sing…but can he make coffee?

When in Melbourne, drink coffee – or better yet, learn to make some. Well, that’s what YouTube sensation David Choi did when he stopped by our city on his Forever and Ever tour….

Dessert Story opens on Swanston St

ONCE upon a time on a busy Melbourne street, a little Asian dessert shop called Dessert Story opened its doors to throngs of eager customers.

Colour and culture at Etcetera

ETCETERA was a colourful display of the best music and culture Indonesia has to offer. But as Sumisha Naidu discovers, it’s not just the locals who do it best.

Bersih 3.0 Melbourne (Video)

Bersih 3.0’s solidarity gathering in Melbourne. More than a thousand Malaysians gathered in Federation Square for the April 28 rally.

More than a thousand rally in Melbourne for Bersih 3.0

MORE than a thousand Malaysians took to Federation Square in Melbourne to rally for free and fair elections back home. Sumisha Naidu reports.

Malaysia Melbourne

Bersih 3.0 update: Venue for April 28 rally in Melbourne announced

UPDATE: Bersih Australia’s organiser has announced the venue for the upcoming Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28.

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