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Emerging Writers’ Festival 2017

The Emerging Writers’ Festival has everything you need to keep momentum going on your side as a new writer in the world. Tam Tran has more.

The Weekender May 12 – 14

Check out the amazing line-up of vegan products, rummage through suitcases for treasure, get a chance to meet Jamie Oliver at Myers and experience a performance by Gareth Liddiard. Tam Tran has your weekend…

Need to develop your professional skills? Find work as a tutor!

The skills you gain as a tutor may help set you up for future success. Tam Tran speaks with TeachingMe tutor, Sai about how being a tutor has helped him develop his professional skill set.

Melbourne International Student Conference 2017: Next Gen Now

An annual highlight on the international student calendar, the Melbourne International Student Conference is back this May 5 and 6, and is a must-attend event for students thinking about their future, and looking to get a head start on their early career development. Tam Tran has more, plus how you can win a double pass to attend for you and a friend!

Prevent work exploitation with new app, ‘Record My Hours’

A new app released by the Fair Work Ombudsman aims to prevent young and migrants workers from being mistreated and exploited at work. Tam Tran has more.

Creating communities: How campus dorm life forges meaningful friendships

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of campus accommodation. Tam Tran looks at how supportive communities can flourish and become meaningful for students living in the dorms.

Asia TOPA Review: Tao Ye’s ‘6’ and ‘8’

Tao Ye’s ‘6’ and ‘8’ are a feast for the senses and might even make you re-think what contemporary dance is capable of. Tam Tran reviews the show.

How you can get the best out of Asia TOPA

Unsure of what to see at Asia TOPA? Tam Tran breaks down the program and suggests how you can get the most out of your time and money from the Asia-Pacific arts celebration.

The Weekender: February 3 – 5

DANCE to some Asian pop tunes, witness Aussie sporting history happen, celebrate Indigenous culture or stare at strangers all in attempt to transcend what you know about connection. Tam Tran has your picks this weekend.

‘Lights by Dreamworks’ exhibition to illuminate Rosebud

TRAVEL to one of Victoria’s gorgeous seaside towns and see your favourite Dreamworks characters as giant lanterns! Tam Tran has more on the Lights by Dreamworks exhibition.

The Whisktakers: How to cook up sweet success with three former int’l students

SWEETS and treats from Mauritius can be hard to come by in Melbourne, but The Whisktakers look to change that. Tam Tran caught up with the three-person team to talk about Mauritian pastries and how these former international students began their humble home business.

Why rental rights are important to int’l students and what you need to know

WHAT are your rental rights and responsibilities? Tam Tran has tips on how international students can better protect themselves as tenants.

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