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A guide to Korean stores and restaurants in Melbourne

WHERE can you go for the best in Korean shops and restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Kash Ngan, Nathalia Sendjaja and Haojie Wang investigate.

The truth about being a Chinese LGBTQI international student in Australia

AMONG the thousands of Chinese students that come to Australia each year, many identify as LGBTQI. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Renata Yuen, Yihan Yang and Hazel Jiang speak to Chinese LGBTQI students to get their thoughts on what it’s like to be one in Australia.

Six must visit places in Melbourne during Christmas for those not going home

STAYING in Melbourne for Christmas? Fear not, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Audrey Cheah, Vivi Chen, Zoe Zhao and Tiffany Xu provide a handy guide to help you navigate your way around the must…

Student stories: How international students balance work, study and life abroad

ALTHOUGH they’ve only been in Melbourne for a short time, some international students are quick to try and work a part time job here all while studying and adjusting to a new environment at the same time. Trinity College Foundation studies students April Gracia, Siyu (Caroline) Chen and Shiying (Tammy) Wang interview students who’ve experienced all these things at once.

Spooky spots in Melbourne: Three haunted buildings to visit

MELBOURNE is full of amazing buildings but some of these architectural wonders have a dark past within them. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Coco Chen, Coco Huang, Nancy Lan and Gloria Xiao present three haunted places in Melbourne to you.

International students on President-Elect Donald Trump

PRESIDENT-ELECT Donald Trump has drawn controversy since he first began his Presidential campaign. Trinity College Foundation Studies Celine Wijaya, Thuy Tran, Pingkan Tri Anisa and Geovanni Tanzil speak with other international students about their concerns and thoughts over the next President of the United States.

Food and friendships: How Biryani brought three Chinese girls closer to Pakistani culture

WHAT happens when three Chinese international students try Pakistani food for the first time? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Amelia Wang, Katherine Guo, Helen Liu and Huzaifa Ghani documented their food adventure. Melbourne…

How international students personalise their home and why that’s important

HOME can be more than just an address or a place to live for international students. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Janine Foo and Vivian Ng speak with different students and ask how they personalise their rooms to cope with study abroad.

A guide to Melbourne’s suburbs for the newly arrived international student

NEW to Melbourne and wonder what the city has in store for those consumed by wanderlust? Here’s a little guide from Trinity College Foundation Studies students Alvianty Sumantri, Darshan Bhambhani and Nam King Heang.

SEXtember: International students’ perspectives on long-distance relationships

DO long distance relationships work and how have international students managed their own? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Samuel Richard Mart and Helmi Santoso gather students’ perspectives.

Awkward conversations and how to overcome them according to int’l students

STARTING conversations with someone can be tricky, especially if you’re studying abroad alone for the first time! Trinity College Foundation Studies students Toh Miao Juan, Leonardo Vincent and Miaoxin Ouyang speak to fresh students about their experiences so far and offer tips on how to overcome awkward conversations.

Four iconic Melbourne sites students can comfortably be alone in

UNSURE of where you can comfortably go and spend time alone in as a first-timer in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jiayi Huo, Thi Mai Quyen Pham and Xuanlian Chen have you covered.


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