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Food Myths Debunked (Part 4): Healthy Habits

IN our final instalment of Food Myths Debunked, dietary expert Janeane Dart has even more surprises in store. Turns out there IS such a thing as drinking too much water. But you can never have too many eggs. Victoria Brown has more.

Food Myths Debunked (Part 3): ‘Bad foods’

ARE carbohydrates the devil? Is takeaway food really that bad for you? Dietary expert Janeane Dart has some surprising answers to some of these ‘bad food’ dilemmas. Victoria Brown has more.

Food Myths Debunked (Part 2): Healthy Eating

IS breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Is eating after 9pm bad for you? Victoria Brown gets to the truth behind these healthy eating mantras from dietary expert Janeane Dart.

Food Myths Debunked (Part 1)

IS the food pyramid outdated? Can you gain weight from eating fruits and veggies? Victoria Brown finds out the answers to those questions and more with a little help from a dietary expert.

How to read food labels

Confused by all those facts and figures on the back of your food packets and drink bottles? Dietitian Janeane Dart tells Victoria Brown what they mean – and how we can use the information to eat healthier.

Do long distance relationships work?

LOVING someone from afar isn’t easy. Victoria Brown shares her experiences and tips for making it work when the one you’re with isn’t here.

Beauty box: A new way to shop for beauty products in Australia

BEAUTY boxes have been making headlines internationally, and now, these subscription-based services are finally available in Australia. Victoria Brown speaks to Australia beauty box Lust Have It founder Nicci Herrera.

PappaRich Chadstone: Deep fried chicken skin for the brave of heart

DEEP fried chicken skin? Meld foodies steeled their stomachs for a dish only for the brave of heart at PappaRich Chadstone.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival: Late night parties at The Cave with Si Jay Gould

THE Cave is a highlight of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Home to a cornucopia of interweaving images and sounds, Victoria Brown listens in as underground orchestras play tribute to the roots and new budding leaves of jazz, led by Si Jay Gould.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival 2012

IMMERSE yourself completely in the joys of music this year at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival taking place from June 1 to 10 across Melbourne.

Australian universities embrace fair trade

AUSTRALIAN universities are embracing fair trade – a social justice movement aimed at improving the lives of people in the developing world. Victoria Brown finds out more.

Karen Ngoh’s Heart of Chocolate

FIND out how with a little bit of faith, Heart of Chocolate founder Karen Ngoh turned her love for chocolate and passion for social justice into a thriving business.

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