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It’s dangerous to go alone: How PAX Australia is destigmatising mental health

PAX AUSTRALIA has taken amazing strides forward to assist individuals having a hard time coping with everything on their mind. Samantha Chew investigates the convention’s commitment to mental health aid this year.

#PeopleofPAX: Your words, your stories

FROM cosplayers to exhibitors and gaming geeks we spoke to the different people who made up PAX Australia 2016, many of whom traveled from other states to experience the convention! April Dudgeon shares their stories.

Raffles College students on what it takes to bring your game to PAX Australia 2016

GAMES about bubble tea, a Donald Trump parody and a cyberpunk dystopia by students from Sydney’s Raffles College were recently demonstrated at PAX Australia 2016. Hieu Chau chats to students Eshlie Alcantara, John Huynh and Carlo Bruzesse about their journey to PAX.

PAX Australia 2016: What to expect from one of gaming’s biggest events

PAX your bags, geek world! The biggest video gaming event in the Southern Hemisphere is here! April Dugeon has the highlights of PAX Australia 2016.

ACMI’s Retrolympiad: Celebrate the Rio 2016 Olympics with retro video games

CELEBRATE the Olympic spirit in retro gaming fashion at ACMI’s one-night only Retrolympiad! Justin Lim spoke to ACMI producer Emily Siddons to learn more about the unique event.

The best tabletop gaming centres in Melbourne

FANCY a different type of gaming? If you’re looking to get into tabletop gaming or want to have a card game or board game night with friends, Justin Lim suggests some of Melbourne’s best gaming hangouts.

How to build a gaming PC on a student budget

EVER wondered what an international student might need a gaming PC for? Kai Yi Wong guides you on the components you need to build that machine for all your school and gaming needs.

The most important career lessons we learnt from PAX Australia 2015’s industry panels

MORE than just an exhibition showcasing the latest in gaming, PAX Australia also offers students and graduates a chance to learn from the industry’s biggest names. Kai Yi Wong has the details on the most important career lessons industry experts shared at PAX Australia 2015.

PAX Australia 2015: Indie spirit and the drive to create games

HOW does an indie game developer get their game shown off at PAX Australia? Get inspired to create as we chat to the independent game makers of PAX Australia 2015 to learn about their creative passion for gaming.

Girls in gaming: What Trinity College’s female students are playing

NO longer is the world of gaming strictly a boys’ club as Trinity College Foundation Studies students Yi Yi, Jianwei Liu, Anazco Masache Dayanna discovered after talking with fellow female students about their gaming habits.

PAX Australia 2014: It’s A Wrap!

IT was a wild three-day extravaganza at PAX Australia 2014 where gaming culture was celebrated by all those who came. Darren Boon relays his experience as a non-gamer with his comprehensive coverage of PAX Australia 2014.

PAX Australia 2014: Indie video games development in Australia

AS part of Meld’s PAX Australia 2014 coverage, we spoke to various indie game developers and schools to talk about their games, their journey to PAX and their thoughts on the state of Australian games development. Hieu Chau has more.

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