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Crafting success: Author Rosalie Ham talks The Dressmaker

AUSSIE author Rosalie Ham will see one of her novels, The Dressmaker, turned into a film starring Kate Winslet as the lead. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Clara Choo and Nicolette Lim caught up with the author to talk about the book, the upcoming film and more!

How does the iPad measure up in the Trinity classroom?

Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) was one of the first institutions worldwide to pilot the use of iPads in the classroom for teaching and learning in 2010. Four years on, TCFS students Brenda Tang, Nigel Yam, and Louise Xu examine the benefits and disadvantages of the use of this device in the classroom.

CISA Excellence Awards 2014 winners on drive, inspiration, and success

HOW does one lead a successful student group? What motivates CISA’s International Student Of the Year? We reveal the answers to these questions and more in our exclusive interview with this year’s CISA Excellence Awards winners. Meld multimedia and news editors Julian Tay and Diane Leow report.

How well do you know your neighbours?

In conjunction with Good Neighbour Month, Diane Leow, together with videographer Mai Nguyen, took to the streets to ask you guys who your neighbours are, how well do you know them, and what does it mean to be a good neighbour. Watch the video to see what you had to say!

David Choi x Jason Chen in Melbourne: Up close and personal with Meld

YOUTUBE stars David Choi and Jason Chen were in town last weekend for a One Night Only concert – much to the excitement of their fans here in Melbourne. Priscilla Pho, Julian Tay, and Mai Nguyen tell you more.

Don’t miss the Boulevard’s Christmas Lights 2013!

STAYING in Melbourne this Christmas? Don’t miss the Boulevard’s spectacular display of Christmas lights! Diane Leow and Nadia J.H. bring you a sneak peek.

N2 Extreme Gelato: What makes it the coolest ice-cream in town

N2 HAS taken Fitzroy by storm. The boutique dessert store is the talk of the town and every gelato lover! Hui Jun Ng and Lupita Djody chat to co-owner Anngee Yeoh.


Girl Power at the Run the World Conference

AUSTRALIA’S first all-female conference, Run the World, was held recently in Melbourne. Hui Jun Ng went along to be inspired and get career advice from some of the country’s most successful female entrepreneurs.

APERTURE Festival 2013

STARTING November 21 – 23, you can participate in the APERTURE Festival – a film festival celebrating ethnographic documentaries in the Asia-Pacific region. Hieu Chau finds out more about the festival.

SEXtember: No sex in this house!

THE birds and the bees is a discussion that parents would like not to have with their children. We share this story of how sex was taught in a household that was opposed to it.

How To Survive A Film Festival: KOFFIA 2013

IF you’ve never been to a film festival before or if you’re about to visit one for the first time, Hieu Chau has gathered different perspectives on how one can survive at a film festival – from this year’s Korean International Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA).

Have a say: Interview with Eyal Halamish, CEO of OurSay

WITH 70,000 active users, OurSay is closing the gap between the public and decision makers. In this interview with Meld, CEO of OurSay, Eyal Halamish, tells of how international students can create the change they want to see.

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