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Exclusive preview of new Lonsdale St apartments

Preview Event: See the brand new CBD apartment range from Central Equity. More information inside.

A day in the life of a Student Welcome Desk volunteer

If you’re a new international student in Victoria, you’ve likely encountered the Student Welcome Desk at Melbourne Airport. Wing Kuang speaks to one of the desk’s staff members and reveals why the Student Welcome Desk is important in building a positive international study experience.

Two male friends talking on the beach

Why can’t men “man up” about their feelings?

Why is it so hard for men to open up their true feelings, and how does the continued perceptions around masculinity affect the mental health of men? Trinh Le discusses what it means to be a man.

The difference between being alone and feeling lonely

There is nothing wrong with being on your own but don’t enter a relationship, platonic or otherwise, because you need company. Natalie Ng explains why this can be dangerous and why you should learn to love and prioritise yourself first.

RIS’N: The support group for queer int’l students

In a cultural climate still grappling with the realities that LGBT+ individuals experience, one recently developed network is seeking to help LGBT+ international students one step at a time. Mihika Hegde has more.

How a former int’l student beat the odds and found her place at Bendigo Bank

With more than a decade of experience in the banking and financial advisory sector in her home country, former international student Alexis Phang faced a grim reality upon returning to Australia – the prospect of starting all over again. Now as a Mobile Relationship Manager at Bendigo Bank, Mihika Hegde catches up with Alexis to find out how she beat the odds and found her place in an organisation that values diversity.

Introverted, no more: How the friends I made at uni released me from my comfort zone

Saying ‘hi’ to someone new in your first few classes on campus can go a long way as Samantha Chew discovered. She writes about the first friends she made at university and how they continue to inspire her today.

Creating communities: How campus dorm life forges meaningful friendships

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of campus accommodation. Tam Tran looks at how supportive communities can flourish and become meaningful for students living in the dorms.

Finding your people: How students can make new friends on and off campus

How do you find a community to belong to and make new friends while you’re at uni? Grace Kang offers you the ultimate guide on how to do so.

Where are they now 25 years on? Trinity College’s call out to reconnect with international alumni

CELEBRATING its 25th year anniversary, Trinity College is calling on past students who have graced the school’s lecture halls and classrooms to get in touch. We follow the stories of three alumni to find out where they’re at now.

Love Melbourne? Have your say on making Victoria the place to study for international students

Love Melbourne? The Victorian Government is inviting current and former students to contribute to the discussion on making Victoria the place to study for international students – and our team at Meld is pleased to be facilitating these conversations. Find out how you can take part.

A day in the life of… GLoBALL’s Salim Mahazi

IN the first of our ‘A day in the life of…’ series, we profile GLoBALL’s multicultural coordinator Salim Mahazi. He gives us some insight into AFL and how it can help bridge the gap between international and local students. Giulia Poloni tells us more.

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