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New messaging app, DoTalk, makes learning language and basic communication easy

Apps that translate conversations in real time only exist in sci-fi films, right? Not any more! Dotalk, lets users translate messages into 90 different languages on the fly! Samantha Chew reviews the new app.

PAX Australia 2016: What to expect from one of gaming’s biggest events

PAX your bags, geek world! The biggest video gaming event in the Southern Hemisphere is here! April Dugeon has the highlights of PAX Australia 2016.

Five phone apps that can help students save money on lifestyle expenses

LIVING under a student budget and looking to find easy ways to save money? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Luo Jiaze and Wang Leyin investigate phone apps that can save you money.

The best internet cafes in Melbourne that do more than just online games

WHAT are some of the best internet cafes in Melbourne and why should students make more use of them? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Kai Lin and Elaine Huang list their recommended internet…

Australian mobile plans: What students need to know before they come to study abroad

SETTLING on a phone plan can be difficult if you’re new to Australia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Balamurugan Periasamy, Faye Phei Yee Liew and Thalia Zhai break down some of the most popular mobile carriers and suggest which plans might work best for students with varying needs.

Five apps international students should have to make life convenient in Australia

WHAT are the five apps that international students should need to know about in order to live conveniently? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Yoskey Yao, Yolanda Zhuang and Lucy Wang offer their suggestions.

Messaging apps: Why international students prefer to use one over the other

WHAT makes WeChat better than WhatsApp for some international students? Why can’t we all just use one messaging app? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jolyn Ang Jing Ting, Bhavish Mahesh Harjani and Tracy Du Yunxi investigate and ask these questions and more.

For your next university assignment, why not go 3D?

BRINGING a project idea on paper to life is now easier than ever, with the increasing accessibility of 3D printing technology. Lunnie Gan delves into the nuts and bolts and offers up some ideas of how 3D printing might come in handy for your next university assignment.

Online resources students can use to improve their essay-writing

WRITING essays can be one of the most challenging tasks for students, but there are online tools available to make the task much easier. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Eve Zhang, Yiran Sun and George Jiang have compiled the best online resources you can use to write stronger and sharper essays.

How to build a gaming PC on a student budget

EVER wondered what an international student might need a gaming PC for? Kai Yi Wong guides you on the components you need to build that machine for all your school and gaming needs.

SEXtember: Game developer Nina Freeman talks intimacy and relationships in her game Cibele

INDEPENDENT game maker Nina Freeman re-created her first sexual experience with a person she met over the internet for her new game Cibele. Deborah Goh caught up with the American game developer to talk about Cibele, sexual awakenings, relationships and more!

SEXtember: International students and their relationship with dating apps

WITH dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr becoming increasingly prevalent amongst young people, we ask some international students about why enjoy using these apps and offer ways in which you can have a fun but safe experience with meeting people online. Diana Ponce writes.

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