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A day in the life of… City of Melbourne Councillor Ken Ong

CITY of Melbourne Councillor Ken Ong was a former international student pursuing a double degree in engineering. After years in the corporate industry, he made the switch into non-profit work and public affairs. Kai Yi…

A day in the life of… Chai Junction founders Su and Jeri

CHAI Junction continues to assist international students in Australia who’re finding it hard to adjust to a new life away from home. Manuella Silveira recently spoke to its founders, Su and Jeri, to better understand the work they’ve done to help.

Manchester Press

A day in the life of… Melbourne cafe, Manchester Press

MELBOURNE cafe, Manchester Press, is one of the city’s beloved hot spots and a fine example of Melbourne’s coffee culture at work. Darren Boon and Diane Leow spoke to the cafe’s staff to get an inside look at the daily grind of this Melbourne institution.

A day in the life of… Melbourne band, Woodlock

FROM busking in the streets of Melbourne to embarking on a national tour, Melbourne band Woodlock is set on keeping the dream alive. Former News Editor Diane Leow caught up with the band to talk about Melbourne’s busking scene, their own music and offer advice to those who want to give busking a try.

A day in the life of… Shadowloo Showdown competitor, Angelo

ANNUAL gaming tournament Shadowloo Showdown brought some of the best gaming fighters for a weekend of competitive action. Hieu Chau interviewed a former international student on his gaming background and his thoughts on Shadow Logic’s work in organising the weekend-long fighting game tournament.

A day in the life of… Zen Pencils creator Gavin Aung Than

GAVIN Aung Than, the Melbourne based creator of internationally acclaimed website Zen Pencils, took time out to chat to Daniel Driscoll about a day in the life of a cartoonist and the challenges he faced…

Working it out: A day in the life of… project with the City of Melbourne

HAVE you ever wandered around your city and wondered about the stories hidden within? We’re embarking on an exciting new project that will bring to life the people and faces that make up the City of Melbourne.

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