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Study tips: How to keep in tip top shape during exam season

Tips on how to keep in peak physical and mental condition for exam season. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Emily Gue, Lawrence Yip, Queenie Wang and Zachary Avery Ang have more.

4 unique cafés you can find in Melbourne

Want to know where the most interesting cafés in Melbourne are? Trinity College Foundation Studies Students Bre Soegiarto, Grace Li, Hugo Cheong and Edison Yu have got you covered.

How tech entrepreneur Long Zheng became an international success before reaching 30

Young entrepreneur, Microsoft Imagine Cup winner and popular tech blogger Long Zheng has done it all. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Lesley Li and Kathy Li speak to Zheng about his international success.

Teaching international students: An educator’s perspective

Foundation year is a crucial time for international students and it often falls on the teachers to help students acclimate to Australian study. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Aren Nadya, David Tjhai Yu Nen,…

What can you do to increase your chances of employability?

What skills are employers looking for and how can you get them? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Janice Halim, Jennifer Basuki and Frank Wang investigate.

How to roadtrip like a rockstar with Singaporean indie band, Stopgap

Want to know how you can organise a roadtrip like an indie rock band? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Asmita Mohanty, Nurin Hamshi and Wilson Chen speak with Stopgap lead singer Adin Kindermann to see where he and his band visited while they were in Melbourne and ask what students can do to prepare for a rockstar roadtrip.

What students can gain by crossing cultural barriers that divide them

Most international students prefer to stay within their own circles but becoming too settled in your own group can put students at a disadvantage. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Keshia Laisina and Alice (Gaofei) Xue speak to educators about how students can benefit once they cross that cultural barrier.

5 useful tips to help make life easy for the newly independent int’l student

First time living away from home? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Phyllis Lim, Kristen Ye and Lulu Wang have their nifty life hacks to make your newly independent life just a little simpler.

How you can get the most out of your next karaoke session

Want to shine bright like a diamond at karaoke? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Tiffany Wanshu Xu and Solomon Jixuan Guo gather their tips and tricks on how you can be a karaoke superstar.

How global perspectives on education shape int’l student experience

EVERYONE’s learning experience is different but how does Australia’s compare to that of international students’ home countries? Trinity College Foundation Studies Beatriz Gotoda, Jeremy Ong and Jiaqi Shi investigate.

Cultural sensitivity and you: How to avoid cultural taboos in a multicultural society

WORRIED about being rude or inappropriate to your culturally diverse group of friends? Here are some quick insights into international minds from Trinity College Foundation Studies students Olivia Sieva, Anthony Lyn, Chloe Teng and Coco Wan.

Local speciality dishes that you miss from home

WHETHER its inauthentic or too expensive to buy, international students all have that one dish they wish they could have in Melbourne. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Gary Li, Yu Xuan Hu and Ian Ngui ask students what they miss most.

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