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The truth about being a Chinese LGBTQI international student in Australia

AMONG the thousands of Chinese students that come to Australia each year, many identify as LGBTQI. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Renata Yuen, Yihan Yang and Hazel Jiang speak to Chinese LGBTQI students to get their thoughts on what it’s like to be one in Australia.

Student stories: The first few weeks in Melbourne are the hardest

STUDYING overseas can be exciting but those first few weeks of adjustment can be tough and outright terrifying for many international students. Shaofei Xing speaks to Chinese international students about their stories of adjustment.

How being away from home brought me closer to my family

BEING away from home is difficult but don’t discount the value that one can gain from cultural exchange. Maggie Milne shares her story of how she learned to embrace difference in a foreign country.

Degrees of deception? Students and Chinese education agent tell a different story

WILL education agents and students resort to anything for a chance to study in Australia? Echo Chen offers a nuanced perspective on recruitment practices overseas and the dangers of negatively stereotyping international students.

What now for returning Chinese graduates? Employment and the ‘seaweed’ syndrome

THE employability of Chinese graduates has been a hot topic of discussion, both in Australian and Chinese media. Speaking to employers, recruitment and education agencies in China, Echo Chen provides an illuminating perspective for returning Chinese graduates.

Outside China: Student shrugs off cultural inhibition to protest and advocate for change

COMING from a society that discourages protesting, Chinese student Feifei Liao talks about her experience in organising advocacy campaigns as an international student in Melbourne. Echo Chen has the story.

International Student of the Year for Research goes to Bartlomiej Kolodziejcyzk from Poland

POLAND’S Bartlomiej Kolodziejcyzk has been named International Student of the Year for Research. In addition to presenting his research internationally, the Doctorate of Engineering student has also been keeping busy outside the classroom, by getting involved in TV. In a series of interviews with Victorian International Education Award winners and finalists, Marina Solomon brings you the stories worth celebrating.

Chinese student Yuanbin Wei wins International Student of the Year for Higher Education

IT was a proud and surreal moment for Chinese student Yuanbin Wei, who was named International Student of the Year in the Higher Education category at the Victorian International Education Awards. In the first of many interviews with award winners and finalists, Marina Solomon brings you the stories worth celebrating.

Is your education worth the money?

IF you’re studying in Australia, you’re probably paying about 16 per cent more than your fellow international students in America. Marina Solomon shares some interesting research findings on the value of education as well as parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards children’s education globally.

Vietnam, China, Korea: Finding a piece of home in Melbourne

IF you’re homesick and need something familiar that reminds you of home, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Evan Zhu and Ha Nguyen check out several Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean spots that promise to bring some comfort!

Call for submissions: ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs

THE Australia-China Youth Association is looking for students interested in contributing to the 2014 edition of the ACYA Journal of Australia-China Affairs. Find out how you can get involved.

Made in China: Irish comedian Des Bishop and his year abroad in China

AFTER spending a year in China to learn Mandarin and perform an entire stand-up routine in the language, Irish comedian Des Bishop returns to Melbourne to recount his experience as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Chrisella Sentena caught up with the comedian.

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