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A day in the life of a Student Welcome Desk volunteer

If you’re a new international student in Victoria, you’ve likely encountered the Student Welcome Desk at Melbourne Airport. Wing Kuang speaks to one of the desk’s staff members and reveals why the Student Welcome Desk is important in building a positive international study experience.

Need to develop your professional skills? Find work as a tutor!

The skills you gain as a tutor may help set you up for future success. Tam Tran speaks with TeachingMe tutor, Sai about how being a tutor has helped him develop his professional skill set.

Creating change: How int’l students can engage politically while studying abroad

When political and social turmoil hit fever point back home, what’s an international student to do? Mihika Hegde has more.

RIS’N: The support group for queer int’l students

In a cultural climate still grappling with the realities that LGBT+ individuals experience, one recently developed network is seeking to help LGBT+ international students one step at a time. Mihika Hegde has more.

Cultural sensitivity and you: How to avoid cultural taboos in a multicultural society

WORRIED about being rude or inappropriate to your culturally diverse group of friends? Here are some quick insights into international minds from Trinity College Foundation Studies students Olivia Sieva, Anthony Lyn, Chloe Teng and Coco Wan.

Australia cityscape

Life after uni: What it’s like to become an Australian permanent resident

FORMER international students reveal how life has changed after becoming becoming a permanent resident in Australia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Trang Dang, Natalia Wongso, Verrel Aditya Bramasta and Geyi Shi have the story.

The truth about being a Chinese LGBTQI international student in Australia

AMONG the thousands of Chinese students that come to Australia each year, many identify as LGBTQI. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Renata Yuen, Yihan Yang and Hazel Jiang speak to Chinese LGBTQI students to get their thoughts on what it’s like to be one in Australia.

Student stories: How international students balance work, study and life abroad

ALTHOUGH they’ve only been in Melbourne for a short time, some international students are quick to try and work a part time job here all while studying and adjusting to a new environment at the same time. Trinity College Foundation studies students April Gracia, Siyu (Caroline) Chen and Shiying (Tammy) Wang interview students who’ve experienced all these things at once.

Project O 2016 and how Indonesian RMIT students are helping to break the cycle of poverty

EACH year, a group of Indonesian students from RMIT University helps raise awareness of their country’s problems through a range of charity events. Stevi Lee attended their Project O’s appreciation night, whose efforts this year focused on inadequate education for children in the Maluku Islands.

Humans of Trinity College: What foundation studies students think of Melbourne and hope to achieve at uni

HOW much do you really know of your fellow international students? Praneeta, Zuo Maoting and Lydia Li talk to some of the international students of Trinity College to get a sense of who they are, what they like or dislike about Melbourne, and what their aspirations are.

Chinatown and its importance to Melbourne’s Chinese community

WHAT does Chinatown mean to you? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Kyrie Hu and Talya Cassim look at the history of Melbourne’s Chinatown, where it is now and investigate its current importance to Chinese visitors and students.

New Gateway Building for foundation studies students to serve as social and academic hub

THE construction of Trinity College’s Gateway Building will lead to more facilities that students and staff of the college will benefit from. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Qin Minzhi, Ahmed Ainuddin and Peter Leung spoke to Director of Major Projects and Infrastructure, Gary Norman, about the new building.

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