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Two male friends talking on the beach

Why can’t men “man up” about their feelings?

Why is it so hard for men to open up their true feelings, and how does the continued perceptions around masculinity affect the mental health of men? Trinh Le discusses what it means to be a man.

The difference between being alone and feeling lonely

There is nothing wrong with being on your own but don’t enter a relationship, platonic or otherwise, because you need company. Natalie Ng explains why this can be dangerous and why you should learn to love and prioritise yourself first.

Student stories: My love letter to Melbourne

There’s a lot you can learn from a city and its people if you try hard enough. Stevi Lee shares her love of Melbourne, its people and the opportunities the city gave for her to expand her horizons.

Cultural sensitivity and you: How to avoid cultural taboos in a multicultural society

WORRIED about being rude or inappropriate to your culturally diverse group of friends? Here are some quick insights into international minds from Trinity College Foundation Studies students Olivia Sieva, Anthony Lyn, Chloe Teng and Coco Wan.

Student stories: What Melbourne gave me that no school back home could have given me

AFTER four years of overseas education in Melbourne, Natalie Ng reflects on her study experience abroad, the lessons she has learnt and explains why Melbourne is irreplaceable.

Flinders Street Station

3 things I wish I’d known before studying in Australia

IF you were to start your study in Australia all over again, would you do it differently? Trinh Le reflects on his experience studying abroad and shares what he has learnt outside of textbooks.

It’s dangerous to go alone: How PAX Australia is destigmatising mental health

PAX AUSTRALIA has taken amazing strides forward to assist individuals having a hard time coping with everything on their mind. Samantha Chew investigates the convention’s commitment to mental health aid this year.

What I learnt being a part-time waitress and how I can use that experience for the future

HOW do you transfer and leverage skills gained from your part-time gig waiting tables into a professional working environment? Lunnie Gan shares her story. Students all over will at some point have taken up a…

“Was it worth it?”: How I survived five internships during my final semester at uni

HOW does someone manage five internships, university study and a social life all at once? Vondra Tay shares her story of getting work experience while studying abroad in Melbourne.

SEXtember: Identifying sexual assault and harassment

WHAT is sexual assault and how do victims seek the help they need? With cases on the rise on campus, students – especially international students – need to understand their options. Samantha Chew reports.

SEXtember: Why censorship in Asian countries can be damaging

WHAT effect does film and adveritisng censorship have on Southeast Asian perspectives on sex, sexuality and gender? Stevi Lee discusses.  You’re watching a film and it quickly gets to the raunchy stuff. The couple…

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen is an established writer in Melbourne who comes from an Asian background.

SEXtember: Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen talks about her first time and how it changed her perspective on sex

TO MOST people who originate from conservative Asian societies, it’s hard to just talk about sex without embarrassing anyone. Writer Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen spoke with Trinh Le about her own story of overcoming this fear and why it’s important to open up about it.

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