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Why students should try indoor trampoline park, BOUNCEinc

FROM having a unique experience out with your friends to enjoying physical activity, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Akane Sakamoto, Claire Sunilai and Lousie Thai Linh give you top reasons why students should try indoor trampoline park BOUNCEinc.

Dare to be different: Unusual sporting activities to try out

LOOKING for an extra dash of adrenalin in your life? Trinity College Foundation Studies students James Kwok, Peggy Liu Peiqi and Asmita Fardina took part in some unusual sporting activities you can try here in Melbourne!

Students explore the world of skateboarding

PICK up a new sport while you’re in Australia! Maria Camacho, Shannon Kim and Kim Gao explore the world of skateboarding and offer some tips to students game enough to try.

STORY OF THE MONTH: How to host an AFL Grand Final Party

JULIANA Mare tells you how to plan the perfect Grand Final Day party with surround sound, pies, a BBQ, and your team colours – just like the Aussies do.

Learn to dance and live life as a “tough chick”

LADIES, don’t miss the opportunity to learn, dance and live life as a “tough chick”. Applications close this Friday, find out how you can take part.

Stop and stare

AN INNER city rock climbing gym has given the phrase hanging out a whole new meaning, as GREGORY TAN finds out.


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