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Interview with Rita Nehme, co-founder of Steer North charity

Fancy a cycling journey from Melbourne to Cairns? Ride for charity with Steer North, an organisation that promotes a healthy lifestyle and raises funds for cancer. Samantha Chew caught up with co-founder Rita Nehme to learn more.

Understanding introversion and how you can help

THERE are many misconceptions about introverts but introversion can happen to anyone. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Thao Ly and Thu Uyen define introversion and how others can assist the introverted.

Highlights from Sustainable Living Festival 2017

IMPROVE your health and integrate a sustainable attitude into your everyday life at the Sustainable Living Festival. We have your highlights from this year’s edition of the festival.

SEXtember: Identifying sexual assault and harassment

WHAT is sexual assault and how do victims seek the help they need? With cases on the rise on campus, students – especially international students – need to understand their options. Samantha Chew reports.

Four exercises for students who are short on time

WORKING out can be time-consuming but have no fear! Trinity College Foundation Studies students Johan Firmansyah Cheah, Yanming Lei and Junyuan Chen demonstrate some quick and easy exercise routines for students who are time and equipment deficient.

Neglecting health for study? Understand how a daily intake of vitamins can help students

NOT getting your daily intake of the right vitamins? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Liyuan Chen, Xin Yang and Qian Wang speak to fellow classmates and their school nurse to better understand the benefits of using health care products.

AFIS Presents ‘I Am Fit’: Dancing into a fitter and better you

TAKE a break from studying and dance your way into fitter shape with I Am Fit, happening Saturday, April 30. Clara Ng has the details.

Dealing with Melbourne’s scorching summer

DON’T let the summer get the better of you. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Will Zhang, Carrie Xu and Intan Tanuwijaya asked the locals for advice on dealing with the heat.

Five ways students tackle insomnia

IF you’re fighting to stay awake in class because you were tossing and turning in bed the night before, you’re not alone. Students from Trinity College Foundation Studies Gloria Yu, Natalie Cheah and Spencer Niu offer some tips for battling insomnia.

Mind your Mind: Mental health advocates help fellow international students manage stress and anxiety

IN an initiative to foster better mental health amongst international students, Monash University Occupational Therapy students Tiffany Kwan and Yan Leung have created a resourceful kit for students. Siti Mokhsin spoke with the girls to find out more about their project and where students can get help when in distress.

Sporting on a budget: Affordable or free sports activities

MANY students love to partake in sporting activities but with so many other expenses to worry about, what kind of physical activities can students undertake that’s free or affordable? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Brendan Cheong Seng Sun, Eva Stevani Wijaya and Vivienne Yang investigate.

3 ways to stay healthy this winter

FIND yourself staying in bed more often this winter? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Gary Guan and Christopher Chia share their tips on staying healthy in the cold weather.

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