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India’s favourite comedian is in town: Interview with Papa CJ

STAND-UP comedian Papa CJ is in town for his debut performance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Hugely popular in India and with numerous accolades under his belt, Papa CJ took the time to talk to Meld about how he got started in comedy.

International Student of the Year for Research goes to Bartlomiej Kolodziejcyzk from Poland

POLAND’S Bartlomiej Kolodziejcyzk has been named International Student of the Year for Research. In addition to presenting his research internationally, the Doctorate of Engineering student has also been keeping busy outside the classroom, by getting involved in TV. In a series of interviews with Victorian International Education Award winners and finalists, Marina Solomon brings you the stories worth celebrating.

Is your education worth the money?

IF you’re studying in Australia, you’re probably paying about 16 per cent more than your fellow international students in America. Marina Solomon shares some interesting research findings on the value of education as well as parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards children’s education globally.

Indian uni student overstays visa, dies in immigration detention

MEMBERS of the Indian community in Australia are asking why and how it happened, following the death of an Indian university student at the Maribyrnong Detention Centre. Daniel Driscoll reports.

New Melbourne-India PhD scholarship launched

PhD scholars enrolled at the University of Melbourne will next year have the chance to have their research co-supervised by faculty at one of three Indian Universities under a new multi-million dollar scholarship program. Nkandu Mwenge reports.

The Chindian Diaries: Love knows no cultural bounds

Curiosity about his own heritage led Kevin Bathman to document and learn about Chindians, a once taboo subculture that straddled two distinct worlds. Kevin’s project, The Chindian Diaries aims to capture their stories. Beatrice Foong reports.

Melbourne Festival: Musician Ben Walsh connects India and Australia with Fearless Nadia

PHOEBE Yuen caught up with musician Ben Walsh where he talked about his performing career and his upcoming show, Fearless Nadia, at the Melbourne Festival.

FTW: Tickets to Bollywood rom-com Chennai Express

JOIN Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone for a journey of a lifetime on Chennai Express, a Bollywood romantic comedy that opens in cinemas on August 8. Diane Leow explains how you can win one of two double passes.

CISA project uncovers inspirational stories of courage

AUSTRALIA’S international student peak body CISA hopes its latest project will help raise the profile of the nation’s international student community and the role they play in Australian society. Diane Leow reports.

On the side: Humans of Melbourne street photography project takes off

CHOOSING a career in a field different to what you studied in order to “pay the bills” doesn’t mean you’ve sold out. Grace Yew speaks to Bombay-born Humans of Melbourne founder Kannagi Bhatt about her project that’s inspired a network of street photographers to capture Melbourne life in all its beauty.

More Indian students likely to flock to Australia as UK tightens visa laws

AS the UK government tightens its education migration rules, Indian students may be considering other destinations, such as Australia. Gayertree Subramaniam reports.

Mirror mirror: Which political leader has the most fake followers on Twitter?

HOW do our world leaders fare when it comes to online influence? Hayden Waugh delves into the Twittersphere and investigates the accounts of Barack Obama, Najib Razak, Julia Gillard and more.

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