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Highlights from the 2016 Japanese Film Festival

NOW entering its 20th year, the 2016 Japanese Film Festival yet again is bringing a slate of some of the best films Japan has on offer both old and new. Vondra Tay has your highlights on what to see.

Adulthood: What it means to come of age for Japanese students

EARLIER this year, 96 Japanese exchange students were invited to attend a a traditional ‘Coming of Age Ceremony’, hosted by the Victorian Government. Daniel Driscoll spoke with Japanese students from Swinburne University to get their thoughts on what being an adult is all about.

Highlights from the 18th Japanese Film Festival

RETURNING for itsĀ 18th year, the Japanese Film Festival promises a huge lineup of more thanĀ 50 films and a wide variety of genres. With drama, cult, action, anime and classic films on offer, there’s…

Interview with Japanese pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

JAPANESE pop sensation, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, will be touching down in Australia for the very first time to perform in Sydney as part of her second world tour. Hieu Chau caught up with the international star before her Sydney show.

Travelling to Okinawa with Tale of the Southern Winds

ALL-FEMALE Okinawa Song and Dance Theatre Ensemble, Chura, recently performed their ‘Tale of the Southern Winds’ shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Tracy Pham visited to discover a love for all things Okinawa.

Mapping Melbourne: Asians in the creative arts

Find out what kind of influence Asia has had on Melbourne’s cultural life at Mapping Melbourne, a four-day festival. Samantha Toh has the details.

FTW: Tickets to the 17th Japanese Film Festival

AFTER a successful run across Australia’s major cities, the Japanese Film Festival will round out its national tour in Melbourne. Hieu Chau spoke with festival director Masafumi Konomi, to better understand which films people should keep an eye on.

FTW: Reel Anime 2013 Prize Packs

AS Reel Anime returns to Melbourne this year, some of the year’s most anticipated anime releases can be seen on the big screen. Elizabeth Yick fills you in on the film festival and explains how you can win two prize packs filled with Reel Anime goodies.

Mirror mirror: Which political leader has the most fake followers on Twitter?

HOW do our world leaders fare when it comes to online influence? Hayden Waugh delves into the Twittersphere and investigates the accounts of Barack Obama, Najib Razak, Julia Gillard and more.

Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2013

PUT on your best yukata and immerse yourself in all things Japanese as Hieu Chau guides you through this year’s Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival.

Reel Anime 2012 – the best of Japanese animation

THE ultimate Japanese animation festival Reel Anime returns to Australian screens this September. Grace Yew tells you more about the films on show.

Doki Doki Station Maid Cafe in Melbourne

DokiDoki Station: Melbourne’s newest maid cafe

WELCOME to DokiDoki Station, the latest maid cafe to open shop in Melbourne, offering everything from food to games to a choice of service demeanours.

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