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Dancing with Flare: Artistic director Jun Takahashi on ambition, inspiration and the Flare family

STARTING at the bottom and evolving into its current Artistic Director, Flare Dance Ensemble’s Jun Takahashi talks to us about the club’s direction, its success with overseas students and her own ambitions. Daniel Driscoll has more.

Top 5 iconic sneakers of all time

SNEAKER culture is a very real hobby among sneaker collectors and admirers. International students Chris Chung, Vivi Sun and Zi Low weigh in on t their top five iconic sneakers of all time.

Students explore the world of skateboarding

PICK up a new sport while you’re in Australia! Maria Camacho, Shannon Kim and Kim Gao explore the world of skateboarding and offer some tips to students game enough to try.

Five tips on how to celebrate the Melbourne Cup

THE Melbourne Cup is Australia’s premier horse race and also one of Melbourne’s most popular public holidays. Tim Morgan gives his tips on how to celebrate the big day.

STORY OF THE MONTH: How to host an AFL Grand Final Party

JULIANA Mare tells you how to plan the perfect Grand Final Day party with surround sound, pies, a BBQ, and your team colours – just like the Aussies do.

Mayibuye Performance Troupe connects communities

THE Mayibuye Performance Troupe is giving international students the chance to connect with the wider community through music and dance. Find out how you can get involved.

Carlton, a place to call home

LOCATED just outside the Melbourne CBD and a stone’s throw away from Melbourne University, Carlton has become a popular suburb for international students looking for a place to call home. Meld Magazine has compiled a 101 guide for new students moving into the neighbourhood.


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