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Exclusive preview of new Lonsdale St apartments

Preview Event: See the brand new CBD apartment range from Central Equity. More information inside.

Creating communities: How campus dorm life forges meaningful friendships

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of campus accommodation. Tam Tran looks at how supportive communities can flourish and become meaningful for students living in the dorms.

Why rental rights are important to int’l students and what you need to know

WHAT are your rental rights and responsibilities? Tam Tran has tips on how international students can better protect themselves as tenants.

How international students personalise their home and why that’s important

HOME can be more than just an address or a place to live for international students. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Janine Foo and Vivian Ng speak with different students and ask how they personalise their rooms to cope with study abroad.

Why students should make use of their campus’ housing and accommodation welfare

EXPERIENCING housing and accommodation issues? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Linnie, Meng Zhang and Patrick Shangguan suggest why students should make use of their campus’ welfare teams who can easily resolve problems for students.

Want to know how to get the most out of your home? Ask an IKEA expert!

WANT to know how best to improve your living spaces at home? We got current and former students to ask an IKEA expert for advice on how to make theĀ mostĀ out of their rooms….

The five types of roommates all students will encounter

THE SLOB, the noisemaker, the neat freak… every student will probably encounter at least one of these types of roommates in the course of their studies. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Tracey Le and Vivian Yao offer their insight on what it’s like living with five different types of roommates.

FTW: Receive a free IKEA makeover and redesign your room

IN partnership with IKEA, Meld Magazine is giving two lucky students the chance to score an IKEA makeover where your room of choice can be re-designed and refurbished! More details on the competition inside.

Falling in love with Melbourne: Three things international students will identify with

WHAT makes Melbourne an international students’ home away from home? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jimmy Chen, Nancy Tang, Raema Nikijuluw find out why so many students coming to Melbourne fall in love with this city and what it is they’ll miss the most when they return home.

Consumer Affairs Victoria launch campaign on rental and housing rights for international students

RECOGNISING a need to address the living and accommodation circumstances of international students, Consumer Affairs Victoria will be launching a campaign to assist students navigate the local rental market. Zoe Law has the story.

Accommodation reviews by students for students in Melbourne

IN two minds about the best place to live as an international student? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Cheryl See Toh, Nan Wu and Natalie Zheng enlist their peers to review the options – from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquil leafy suburbs of Melbourne.

What you need to know about Melbourne’s most popular student accommodations

WITH so many choices for student accommodation in the city, where should students go to for the best living experience while studying in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hanyu Hu, Shuming Zhang and Sichen Li compare some of the city’s most popular living spaces with one another.

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