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Artiumnation 2017: Providing your “in-flight entertainment” to Indonesia

Fly to Indonesia with Saman Melbourne as it presents you with some amazing “in-flight entertainment” at the twelfth Artiumnation at Melbourne Town Hall. Grace Kang has the details.

Asia Pop Fest x Lord Mayor’s Student Welcome 2017

K-Pop superstar Ailee, Singaporean heartthrob Nathan Hartono and more to headline the biggest international student welcome ever at Asia Pop Fest! Natalie Ng has the details.

Asia TOPA Review: Tao Ye’s ‘6’ and ‘8’

Tao Ye’s ‘6’ and ‘8’ are a feast for the senses and might even make you re-think what contemporary dance is capable of. Tam Tran reviews the show.

A guide to Korean stores and restaurants in Melbourne

WHERE can you go for the best in Korean shops and restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Kash Ngan, Nathalia Sendjaja and Haojie Wang investigate.

First-ever festival Asia TOPA to celebrate creative arts in Asia like no other

THE National Ballet of China, Circa, AR Rahman… World class talent from Asia’s creative arts scene will launch the four-month long Asia Triennial of Performing Arts. Vondra Tay has your highlights from this can’t miss event early next year.

SEXtember: What K-pop can tell you about sex, feminism and relationships

DESPITE what you might think, you’ll be surprised by how much K-Pop can tackle the male gaze, abusive relationships and sex in general. Lunnie Gan has your K-Pop playlist for SEXtember!

SEXtember: What reading romance taught me about sex

THERE’S more to romance fiction than what those those book covers suggest. Natalie Ng chats to Smart Bitches Trashy Books’ Elyse Discher and Amanda Diehl and shares how reading romance can open up new perspectives on sex, preferences, health and relationships.

Soundsekerta 2016: Here’s to a decade more

THIS year’s Soundsekerta is all about connecting Australia with Indonesia through the power of music. Stevi Lee brings you all the details of the wonderful performances on the night.

Soundsekerta 2016: A Decade to Remember

CELEBRATING a decade of Indonesian talent, Soundsekerta 2016 continues its mission to bring entertainment to Indonesians in Melbourne with its upcoming concert. Stevi Lee has more.

J-Pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu brings cute, colour and crazy to Melbourne

KYARY Pamyu Pamyu’s first ever visit to Melbourne as part of her 5iVE YEARS MONSTER World Tour brought colours, dancing and non-stop happiness to faithful fans at Festival Hall. Yuzuha Oka attended Kyary’s concert to find out what else goes on at a KPP show.

Four ways to showcase your talents to a public audience

WANT to find a way to showcase your talents in public? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Pravina Shandre, Chloe Ni Liu & Echo Minqiu Rao find out the four best ways to express…

What music do you listen to during study time?

WHAT kind of music do international students listen to when they study? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Eva Teoh, Roka Gao and Jiabao Shao spoke to three students with differing tastes in music and ask them why it helps them study.

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