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How tech entrepreneur Long Zheng became an international success before reaching 30

Young entrepreneur, Microsoft Imagine Cup winner and popular tech blogger Long Zheng has done it all. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Lesley Li and Kathy Li speak to Zheng about his international success.

The Whisktakers: How to cook up sweet success with three former int’l students

SWEETS and treats from Mauritius can be hard to come by in Melbourne, but The Whisktakers look to change that. Tam Tran caught up with the three-person team to talk about Mauritian pastries and how these former international students began their humble home business.

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Life after uni: What it’s like to become an Australian permanent resident

FORMER international students reveal how life has changed after becoming becoming a permanent resident in Australia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Trang Dang, Natalia Wongso, Verrel Aditya Bramasta and Geyi Shi have the story.

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen is an established writer in Melbourne who comes from an Asian background.

SEXtember: Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen talks about her first time and how it changed her perspective on sex

TO MOST people who originate from conservative Asian societies, it’s hard to just talk about sex without embarrassing anyone. Writer Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen spoke with Trinh Le about her own story of overcoming this fear and why it’s important to open up about it.

New Australian of the Year 2016 Gary Lee

Embracing diversity: Interview with New Australian of the Year, Gary Lee

NEW Australian of the Year, Gary Lee, has long supported international students in his line of work and continues to advocate for their welfare. Trinh Le caught up with Lee to talk about his recent award, his past voluntary experiences and his love of Australia’s diversity.

Indonesian actress Carissa Puteri talks new film ‘Hijab’ and her first time in Melbourne

SUCCESSFUL actress, beautiful wife and mother Carissa Puteri was in town for the premiere of her film, Hijab. The actress had a chat with Samantha Chew about the movie, her impressions of Melbourne and instant noodles.

Dr Chin Tan Multicultural Engagement Director at Swinburne University

Swinburne appoints director of multicultural engagement in Victorian university first

SWINBURNE University of Technology has recently appointed Dr Chin Tan in the role of Director of Multicultural Engagement to ensure its education and services are provided in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Trinh Le speaks with the newly appointed director, the first role of its kind in the tertiary education sector.

Nigerian Aibinuomo Iyiade wins International Student of the Year award for Vocational Education and Training

OVERCOMING extreme poverty, 36-year-old nursing student Hybee is now supporting young migrants experiencing hardships and challenges in Victorian communities. In a series of interviews with award winners of the 2015 Victoria International Education Awards, Nicole Tee shares Hybee’s story.

Malaysian Fang Xuan Koay receives top honours at the Victorian International Education Awards 2015

DRIVEN, passionate and determined to give back to the community, 22-year-old Fang Xuan Koay recently received the Premier’s Award and the International Student of the Year Award for Higher Education for her work in advocating for international students’ rights, Nicole Tee reports.

Comedian Ronny Chieng to film ABC sitcom on being an international student

RONNY Chieng, one of Australia’s most popular comedians, is about to begin filming on an autobiographical sitcom about his time as an international student studying in Melbourne. Stephen Clarke has more.

CISA President Nina Khairina and her pathway to progress

AS the face of international students, CISA President Nina Khairina’s job isn’t easy but her inspiring desire to oversee progress for international students has led her to be where she is today. Stephen Clark chats to the new President of CISA about her path to international student advocacy.

SEXtember: Being a transgender international student

IT’S hard enough being a student studying abroad but how much harder would it be if you were transgender international student? Dea Putra spoke to one transgender male student about his journey and addresses the misconceptions surrounding transgender people.

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