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Between Two Worlds: How the story of “Brooklyn” taught me to let go of Singapore

WHAT does a young Irish immigrant in 1950s America have in common with an international student today? Natalie Ng reflects on new film Brooklyn and how its heroine’s new life abroad and journey of self-discovery has mirrored her own.

Singapore’s love affair with Melbourne’s cafe culture

CAFES in Singapore are sprouting like mushrooms and the rise of this cafe culture has its roots planted in Melbourne. Natalie Ng muses on the Melbourne influence over Singapore’s cafes.

What happens when your time in Melbourne must finally come to an end

YOUR time in Melbourne must eventually come to an end, and it can be a difficult reality to accept. In ways many past and graduating international students can truly identify with, Faridah Wu offers a poignant reflection of her time in Melbourne and what it means to return to the “old life” as a markedly changed version of your former self.

ASEAN-Australia Youth Summit 2014 encouraging young Australians to take interest in ASEAN region

THE recent ASEAN-Australia Youth Summit was a step forward in strengthening the ASEAN youth leadership community in Australia, and encouraging more Australian students to take an active interest in the ASEAN region. Cally Sheng reports.

SEXtember: Let’s Talk About LGBT Rights

TIME in Melbourne has offered former international student Joyce Naomi new perspectives when it comes to the topic of LGBT rights in a more conservative country like Singapore. She shares her thoughts with readers this SEXtember.

Is your education worth the money?

IF you’re studying in Australia, you’re probably paying about 16 per cent more than your fellow international students in America. Marina Solomon shares some interesting research findings on the value of education as well as parents’ attitudes and behaviours towards children’s education globally.

Happy National Day, Singapore: From a Singaporean living in Melbourne

ON the eve of Singapore’s 49th National Day, Kai Yi Wong reflects on his three years as a Singaporean student living in Melbourne. Meld Magazine would like to wish all Singaporeans a happy National Day!

Singaporeans to enjoy faster clearance at major Australian airports

TIRED of joining long queues at Australian airports after disembarking from the plane? Good news: Singaporean travellers now have access to the SmartGate facility at major Australian airports. Darren Boon reports.

Singaporean student found dead in Brisbane hotel

SINGAPOREAN student Meena Narayanan was found dead on March 25, after being allegedly stabbed by an Indian national from South Africa. Priscilla Pho and Diane Leow report.

Why leaving Melbourne can be one of the best decisions in your life

OUR recent discussion piece on leaving Melbourne has caused quite a stir. Here’s a response written by Jan Lin, on why she has moved on with no regrets.

If you think leaving home was hard, leaving Melbourne might be harder…

WHICH is harder? Leaving home for an education overseas, or leaving the country you’ve made your second home now that you’ve graduated? Singapore-bound, Samantha Toh looks back at her time in Melbourne and what she’s taken away from it.

‘Ah Boys to Men’ actor Joshua Tan talks fame and student life

WOULD you give up the opportunity to study overseas in order to fast track your acting career? Joshua Tan, the star of Singapore’s Ah Boys to Men, speaks to Samantha Toh on balancing fame and student life.

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