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3 things I wish I’d known before studying in Australia

IF you were to start your study in Australia all over again, would you do it differently? Trinh Le reflects on his experience studying abroad and shares what he has learnt outside of textbooks.

Student stories: How international students balance work, study and life abroad

ALTHOUGH they’ve only been in Melbourne for a short time, some international students are quick to try and work a part time job here all while studying and adjusting to a new environment at the same time. Trinity College Foundation studies students April Gracia, Siyu (Caroline) Chen and Shiying (Tammy) Wang interview students who’ve experienced all these things at once.

How to spend just $50 and still have a great day in Melbourne

HOW much do you spend on eating out, hanging with friends and being entertainment on the weekend? Do you think $50 dollars is enough to spend on one day in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Students Johnson, Vivian and Quinn carry out the experiment!

6 essential shops for international students new to Melbourne

UNSURE about where to go for all your living needs and essentials while you’re studying in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Yuki Kaneko, Yuqi Zhang and Yuex Liu lend a helping hand to…

Ways students can kill time if they have long gaps in between classes

GOT a long gap between classes? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hosoo Wang, Tiffney Lu and Chloe Guo suggest ways that students can kill time in between classes.

Everything you need to know about Melbourne’s public transportation before coming here

NEW to Melbourne’s public transportation? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Tian Hao Zhou and Tauriq Ahmad offer their beginner’s guide to the city’s public transportation services to help prepare new and incoming visitors to the city.

Five phone apps that can help students save money on lifestyle expenses

LIVING under a student budget and looking to find easy ways to save money? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Luo Jiaze and Wang Leyin investigate phone apps that can save you money.

Australian mobile plans: What students need to know before they come to study abroad

SETTLING on a phone plan can be difficult if you’re new to Australia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Balamurugan Periasamy, Faye Phei Yee Liew and Thalia Zhai break down some of the most popular mobile carriers and suggest which plans might work best for students with varying needs.

Express shipping to China: The postal alternatives in Melbourne that deliver goods at a fast and affordable rate

THERE’s more than one way to express deliver goods from Australia back home without having to go through Australia Post’s rates. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Liuxin,Wen Xinyi and Xu Zihan offer two alternative mailing solutions in Melbourne for Chinese international students that they might not know about.

Study tactics to help you blitz through exam season

WANT to discover different ways of studying that may help you beat your exams? Samantha Chew has more on study methods to help you take better notes and effectively manage time.  Exam season is…

Five apps international students should have to make life convenient in Australia

WHAT are the five apps that international students should need to know about in order to live conveniently? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Yoskey Yao, Yolanda Zhuang and Lucy Wang offer their suggestions.

Messaging apps: Why international students prefer to use one over the other

WHAT makes WeChat better than WhatsApp for some international students? Why can’t we all just use one messaging app? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jolyn Ang Jing Ting, Bhavish Mahesh Harjani and Tracy Du Yunxi investigate and ask these questions and more.


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