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5 useful tips to help make life easy for the newly independent int’l student

First time living away from home? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Phyllis Lim, Kristen Ye and Lulu Wang have their nifty life hacks to make your newly independent life just a little simpler.

How to connect with the Indonesian student community in Melbourne

WHETHER you’re homesick or looking to make new friends, Grace Kang offers her primer on how students can connect and engage with the Indonesian community abroad.

The reality of Melbourne, according to international students

INTERNATIONAL students are learn different things about Melbourne before arriving but what are some of the things that surprised them most once they got here? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Pattiya Buakaew and Adam Chou have more.

Student stories: What Melbourne gave me that no school back home could have given me

AFTER four years of overseas education in Melbourne, Natalie Ng reflects on her study experience abroad, the lessons she has learnt and explains why Melbourne is irreplaceable.

Understanding introversion and how you can help

THERE are many misconceptions about introverts but introversion can happen to anyone. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Thao Ly and Thu Uyen define introversion and how others can assist the introverted.

Rain on window. | Photo: gsloan via Flickr.

Four ways you can outsmart Melbourne’s erratic weather

HOW can international students prepare for Melbourne’s ever-changing weather? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jen Tsang, Vicky Chen and Denise Tam provide tips on how best to outsmart Melbourne’s weather.

Australia cityscape

Life after uni: What it’s like to become an Australian permanent resident

FORMER international students reveal how life has changed after becoming becoming a permanent resident in Australia. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Trang Dang, Natalia Wongso, Verrel Aditya Bramasta and Geyi Shi have the story.

Flinders Street Station

3 things I wish I’d known before studying in Australia

IF you were to start your study in Australia all over again, would you do it differently? Trinh Le reflects on his experience studying abroad and shares what he has learnt outside of textbooks.

Student stories: How international students balance work, study and life abroad

ALTHOUGH they’ve only been in Melbourne for a short time, some international students are quick to try and work a part time job here all while studying and adjusting to a new environment at the same time. Trinity College Foundation studies students April Gracia, Siyu (Caroline) Chen and Shiying (Tammy) Wang interview students who’ve experienced all these things at once.

How to spend just $50 and still have a great day in Melbourne

HOW much do you spend on eating out, hanging with friends and being entertainment on the weekend? Do you think $50 dollars is enough to spend on one day in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Students Johnson, Vivian and Quinn carry out the experiment!

6 essential shops for international students new to Melbourne

UNSURE about where to go for all your living needs and essentials while you’re studying in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Yuki Kaneko, Yuqi Zhang and Yuex Liu lend a helping hand to…

Ways students can kill time if they have long gaps in between classes

GOT a long gap between classes? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Hosoo Wang, Tiffney Lu and Chloe Guo suggest ways that students can kill time in between classes.


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