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Brazil’s Rafael Barty Dextro wins International Student of the Year for English Language Training

BY helping other students learn English, Brazil’s Rafael Barty Dextro not only furthered his own language skills, but also made friends from many background and nationalities. In a series of interviews with Victorian International Education Award winners and finalists, Marina Solomon brings you the stories worth celebrating.

Chinese student Yuanbin Wei wins International Student of the Year for Higher Education

IT was a proud and surreal moment for Chinese student Yuanbin Wei, who was named International Student of the Year in the Higher Education category at the Victorian International Education Awards. In the first of many interviews with award winners and finalists, Marina Solomon brings you the stories worth celebrating.

Mapping Melbourne: Asians in the creative arts

Find out what kind of influence Asia has had on Melbourne’s cultural life at Mapping Melbourne, a four-day festival. Samantha Toh has the details.

Mirror mirror: Which political leader has the most fake followers on Twitter?

HOW do our world leaders fare when it comes to online influence? Hayden Waugh delves into the Twittersphere and investigates the accounts of Barack Obama, Najib Razak, Julia Gillard and more.

Thai Culture and Food Festival 2013

IMMERSE yourself in the vibrant Thai culture, dig in to authentic Thai cuisine, even catch a cabaret show at this year’s Thai Culture and Food Festival. Regina Karis has the details.


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