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How to roadtrip like a rockstar with Singaporean indie band, Stopgap

Want to know how you can organise a roadtrip like an indie rock band? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Asmita Mohanty, Nurin Hamshi and Wilson Chen speak with Stopgap lead singer Adin Kindermann to see where he and his band visited while they were in Melbourne and ask what students can do to prepare for a rockstar roadtrip.

Why travelling alone can be the best decision you ever make

WHY wait on someone to travel with you when you can just do it on your own? Wing Kuang spoke to two international students who made the decision to travel alone and the benefits they got from it.

Spooky spots in Melbourne: Three haunted buildings to visit

MELBOURNE is full of amazing buildings but some of these architectural wonders have a dark past within them. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Coco Chen, Coco Huang, Nancy Lan and Gloria Xiao present three haunted places in Melbourne to you.

A guide to Melbourne’s suburbs for the newly arrived international student

NEW to Melbourne and wonder what the city has in store for those consumed by wanderlust? Here’s a little guide from Trinity College Foundation Studies students Alvianty Sumantri, Darshan Bhambhani and Nam King Heang.

Four iconic Melbourne sites students can comfortably be alone in

UNSURE of where you can comfortably go and spend time alone in as a first-timer in Melbourne? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Jiayi Huo, Thi Mai Quyen Pham and Xuanlian Chen have you covered.

5 dating ideas to show your partner around Melbourne

WHERE should students go in the city when they want to impress their partner? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Tamie Tan and Jordy Sugoto offer their tips for students in long-distance relationships.

Everything you need to know about Melbourne’s public transportation before coming here

NEW to Melbourne’s public transportation? Trinity College Foundation Studies students Tian Hao Zhou and Tauriq Ahmad offer their beginner’s guide to the city’s public transportation services to help prepare new and incoming visitors to the city.

The best tabletop gaming centres in Melbourne

FANCY a different type of gaming? If you’re looking to get into tabletop gaming or want to have a card game or board game night with friends, Justin Lim suggests some of Melbourne’s best gaming hangouts.

The best shopping centres outside of Melbourne’s CBD

THERE are way more shopping centres than just QV, Melbourne Central or the Emporium to visit in Melbourne. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Nam Nguyen, Zoe Sun and Ezio Fu traveled to and recommend some of the other famous shopping centres of Melbourne.

What makes Melbourne the cultural capital of Australia?

MELBOURNE’s arts and culture scene trumps any other city in Australia with some of the best galleries and exhibitions in the entire country. Trinity College Foundation Studies students Vicky Jiahong Huang and Prince Yunyi Ling have the story.

Top 5 warm Aussie destinations to escape Melbourne’s cruel winter

GET away from Melbourne’s cold winter by travelling to the sunnier states of Australia. Yulia Sotnikova has her five destinations that students should retreat to during the winter break.  Melbourne’s winter is always…

Why all international students should experience the Australian outback

AUSTRALIA is so much more than what you see every day at university or in the city — it’s a country rich in natural treasures and indigenous cultures. Trinity College Foundation Studies students…

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