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A Tale of Two Generations: The Vietnam War’s impact on the current Vietnamese-Australian population

IT has been 40 years since the Fall of Saigon and the end of the Vietnam War but its wounds still leave an imprint on today’s Vietnamese Australian community. International student Trinh Le reflects on how the Vietnam War shaped two generations of Vietnamese living in Australia.

Vietnam, China, Korea: Finding a piece of home in Melbourne

IF you’re homesick and need something familiar that reminds you of home, Trinity College Foundation Studies students Evan Zhu and Ha Nguyen check out several Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean spots that promise to bring some comfort!

Minh Duong’s happy return to Australia

FOR Vietnamese student Minh Duong, studying in Australia has been challenging. He was attacked by Neo-Nazis, ran into visa issues and was not permitted to enter Australia for three years. Now, Minh is back in Melbourne and will start his final year at university. Diane Leow reports.

Minh Duong case: Petitioner says he wasn’t out to fault the government

THE man behind the petition that has put Australian immigration minister in the spotlight says he wasn’t out to fault the government. Diane Leow reports.

Australian Consulate now offering assistance to neo-Nazi gang attack victim Minh Duong

IMMIGRATION minister Scott Morrison says the Australian Consulate is assisting gang attack victim Minh Duong in Vietnam while his department investigates visa discrepancy. Diane Leow reports.

Mapping Melbourne: Asians in the creative arts

Find out what kind of influence Asia has had on Melbourne’s cultural life at Mapping Melbourne, a four-day festival. Samantha Toh has the details.

Student stories: Making a fresh start in Melbourne

FROM overcoming crippling shyness to making positive life changes, Kat Trinh shares her story of her first week in Melbourne.

Where to get Melbourne’s best pho

TRACY Pham shares the Vietnamese restaurants that top her list in Melbourne, where you can slurp down the iconic pho for no more than $10 a bowl.


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