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Aun Ngo

Tue Apr 28 2009


MELBOURNE’S international students make up a large part of the city’s human traffic each day. What do they think about the council’s Swanston St redevelopment plans?

Raymond See, 20, University of Melbourne
“Option 1 seems like the best one where each vehicle has their own lane, there’s no congestion and cars can go through Swanston St. Traffic flow is smoother so it’s better.”

Eunice Chuah, 21, Monash University
“The most important thing for me is convenience, traffic, and accessibility. Car access is also important and there shouldn’t be lots of restrictions. Swanston St should be kept safe, and include bicycle access as it is quite important as well.”

Robert Yang, 20, University of Melbourne
“What are we changing it for? [Swanston St] is pretty big already, and the streets in Tokyo are just as big and can support so many more people. Maybe they should work on getting people into the city first, as in providing better public transport. They should work on a Doncaster train line instead, and just more trains in general.”

Yit Ming Ng, 21, RMIT
“I think it’s quite good for RMIT… but in terms of traffic it may not be such a good idea to direct traffic to other streets like La Trobe and Elizabeth, which could make things worse.”

Fei Qian Chuah, 19, Monash University, Clayton
“Option 4 seems good… I always take the tram so trams are important to me for my own convenience.”

Jennifer Wong and Yvonne Mok, 19, Trinity College
“Option 3 is the best with more pedestrian access, although the current arrangement on Swanston Street is okay as well.”

Yi Ching Lee, 20, University of Melbourne
“Increasing the footpath will be better because everyone jaywalks there already anyway.”

Li Sher Tan, 21, RMIT
“Options 1, 3, and 4 are good. Since they predict that a million people will be using it every day, it will be a good idea to redevelop it. Plus, a majority of people walk, cycle, and use the tram on Swanston Street, so they should probably improve on those areas to cater for that many people.”